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How did your labour start?

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chloecorey Fri 04-Apr-14 02:05:29

Mine was simply lost plug at 4pm, waters went at 6pm got a taxi to hospital, went over speed bump and contractions started. Haha had backache all that morning but didnt realise. Most people i read had slow build up of contractions, mine started after all the warning signs. Everybody else?

notadoctor Fri 04-Apr-14 03:51:05

With my first, I had a bit of pelvic pain and back ache one evening and then woke up the next morning with contractions, lost my plug and the contractions got steadily more painful and regular. Waters didn't break until late on and were a trickle not a gush.

With DS (who arrived on Sunday) I had lower back ache and strong Braxton hicks for weeks - kept thinking "this is it" only for it to all due down. Then, on Saturday night my waters went in a massive gush but there were no contractions and in the end I needed to be induced.

Couldn't believe how different the two experiences were!

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