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vaginal delivery after c-section

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MummyRara1234 Wed 02-Apr-14 19:48:36

Hello! I am pregnant with my second baby. With my first I had a horrific delivery that ende up in an emergency c-section! I was quiet young at the time and my midwife seriously miss handled my labour, I even had enough evidence to sue the hospital (but never went through with it. ) anyway.....this time around I'm going to be at a different hospital and I am going for a normal delivery rather than a c-section! But along with this comes risks of my womb splitting open ect! To put it bluntly I am crapping myself!!! Has anyone got any advices? Or anyone experienced a normal delivery after c-section? Both good and bad story's are welcome! Thanks! smile

MolotovCocktail Wed 02-Apr-14 20:14:23

Haven't experienced VBAC (have had a VB first, then ELCS). What I do know is that there is a risk of uterine rupture with VBAC, however, that risk is very small. You should discuss your worries with your HCPs and if there is no medical reason for a repeat CS (other than the fact you've had one already), then they should support you 100% with your VBAC.

A friend of mine hired a doula for her VBAC because she felt she needed the extra support and went on to have an amazing birth after a scary EMCS first-time.

I'm sure someone will be along soon who can give more info. I just didn't want to read and run knowing that it will, statistically speaking, work out very favourably for you.

Good luck smile

ChaffinchOfDoom Wed 02-Apr-14 21:37:13

congratulations mummyRaRa

I had a badly handled VB, then 2 ELCS
I think if I could choose again I would have tried for a VBAC instead of the 1st section ; having 2 sections becomes more risky in other ways as they don't know whats going on behind the first scar, plus the risks of needing transfusions/complications are slightly higher
the womb splitting stuff is very rare and they'll monitor your scar when you're in labour
I think as long as you keep an open mind and are aware of all that could happen you'll be pleasantly surprised and I hope all goes smoothly this time for you

ChaffinchOfDoom Wed 02-Apr-14 21:38:15

opps I mean another VB after a bad VB, not a VBAC if that makes any sense, sorry am v v sleep deprived....

Pinkie2103 Thu 03-Apr-14 09:00:50

There is an awesome group on Facebook called VBAC Support Group UK which has loads of great information

Good luck!

oscarwilde Fri 04-Apr-14 13:12:54

Uterine rupture is extremely rare, but it does happen. If your first emergency section was "normal" (even though a horrid experience up to that point) then statistically you should be fine. You should ask for a review of your notes with a head midwife and a consultant to discuss whether or not your particular 1st delivery would increase your risk.

I opted for an ELCS as it was the devil I knew after a previous EMCS. I ended up with a VBAC after spontaneously going into labour at 37 weeks. The vbac was fine, and initially I was chuffed to have "done it" but the recovery period for me was longer than the first EMCS.

0hSoTired Fri 04-Apr-14 19:06:26

I'm in the same predicament... I had a section 2 1/2 years ago due to extremely low placenta (can't think of the medical term off the top of my head)... Ended up being classed as an emergency section as I went into labour at 37 + 2 weeks... Anyways I had an amazing surgical team and my recovery was amazingly quick (I was up and out of bed the same evening and home 2 days later although I was ready the day earlier), I have never had any problems. I am now 29+3 weeks with my second and have opted for an ELSC (even though everything is ok) because it is what I know and my previous experience was so good. but over the last 2 weeks I have been having doubts about my decision and thinking maybe I should go for a natural birth... I think the only thing holding me back is the pain, I am a complete wuss when it comes to pain and I know it.

insanityscatching Fri 04-Apr-14 19:17:17

I've had 3 VBACS grin My second birth was ELCS due to breech. Four years after ds2 I had dd 9 days overdue. I had epidural as consultant wanted to monitor because I have a small pelvis as well. Dd was back to back but was a simple and straightforward delivery. Ds3 was born 21 months later again I had an epidural because of same consultant and it was another easy birth. Dd2 was born 14 years after ELCS, different consultant this time. I was induced using syntocin drip after waters went 48 hours previously. I used gas and air and dd was an easy birth.
With all three VBACS I was on the monitor throughout but I think that was the only difference to the birth before ELCS.

cheminotte Fri 04-Apr-14 19:31:25

Like pp I had a cs due to breech. So no negative memory of first labour. I had a vbac 3 years later. Was brilliant, no pain relief just breathing and much quicker recovery. I read Ina May to give me faith in my body's ability and refused constant monitoring, they just took my and body's pulse regularly.

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