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Could this finally be it?

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MrsAtticus Tue 01-Apr-14 14:44:57

I'm a week overdue tomorrow, DS was 4 weeks early so have been waiting a looong time.
Had a few episodes of quite severe pain but quite widely spaced yesterday. Then last night had constant tummy and back ache, with regular painful tightenings. Had a disturbed but quite long nights sleep, waking up in pain a couple of times. Today have had the constant tummy ache, a few less painful tightenings, and can't seem to do much. Am sat cross legged now and quite comfortable but have been wanting to tidy up and moving around is quite painful.
I know I'm not having the baby in the next couple of hours, but could this be the start of things?
Having a sweep tomorrow if not.
Be grateful for any advice!

CarCiKoTab Tue 01-Apr-14 15:53:18

Do you know whether you are dilated at all? I only ask because I ended up been 4cm when I had my sweep after experiencing similar pains and what not. If it's not, been a week overdue and experiencing pains is definitely a sign that something is happening, your body is preparing for labour you'll be happy to know. I remember experiencing false labour so many times when I had my third I got so fed up that when labour actually came I ignored it and called it bluff LOL.

MrsAtticus Tue 01-Apr-14 16:17:52

I've no idea if I'm dilated CarCi, kind of hoping so, would make it all seem more worthwhile! I suppose the midwife will tell me that tomorrow when she does my sweep. I'm glad to hear you can still mistake actual labour my your third, everyone says it's so obvious when real labour starts, I'm just waiting to go 'ah, that's what they mean'!

CarCiKoTab Wed 02-Apr-14 10:20:31

Lol I know, I knew once it really started kicking off but basically what happened I had a sweep on Friday, my midwife said if it doesn't work go to the walk in on Sunday now I had so many different contraction periods where they were timed all 5 minutes apart leading up to my sweep which didn't result into anything, afterwards I had the same thing and I thought this is it but never come to anything anyway Sunday morning I started getting slightly painful contractions at 3am but they were so far apart I just doubted them and ignored them. Come Sunday at 12pm I was waiting for another sweep and had another contraction really painful but again didn't think anything of it until I had my second sweep which must have really moved things along because by the time I was leaving the hospital contractions were coming every 5 minutes and I thought after they were coming so regularly for quite a while they were definitely it so I got my other children's uniform ready and overnight bag called the hospital arrived at 4 had my daughter at 8 so yeah. Oo I best mention before I had my sweep I lost the mucous plug you need to try and have a long walk today gravity will help baby push down on the cervix which may just help!

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