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How long after section did you go home

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IMissSleep Sun 30-Mar-14 15:23:24

I'm booked in in 2 weeks and first time round I was seen at 7pm on a Sunday and home Tuesday eve.

Going in on a Thursday morning this time. I'd really love to be home by Friday morning.

Just wondered what everyone's experiences were

MoominsYonisAreScary Sun 30-Mar-14 15:26:01

Earliest for me was two days

ivykaty44 Sun 30-Mar-14 15:30:59

Then tell them that you want to go home

They can't actually stop you in reality from discharging yourself

But make sure you are well first and talk this over with your midwife etc

Nothing worse than lack of sleep on hospital ward

PooFlower Sun 30-Mar-14 15:46:10

I went home the next day, I just told them that I planned to do this as long as me and dd were well.

PumpkinPie2013 Sun 30-Mar-14 17:33:21

My experience may be different as my c-section was an emergency after a v long labour.

I had ds at 3am Wed morning and went home at 6pm on the Fri eve.

They did want me to stay another night but as ds was absolutely fine (born with an Apgar of 10 even though I had laboured for 41 hours!) I insisted on going as I couldn't sleep there due to the noise, barely ate a thing due to awful food and got virtually no support because there were too few staff.

I felt much better once I was home!

Good luck! X

MrsBongleChops Sun 30-Mar-14 17:36:25

I was there 5 days... but had internal bleeding and was on a drip and a revolting emergency c-section. At least (as they cocked the whole birth thing up) they gave me a private room! I wasn't allowed home on last day until I'd done a poo... I lied!

smileyhappymummy Sun 30-Mar-14 17:37:20

I went home the day after my planned section, really wanted to be at home with dh and dd1 and knew I'd get more help there too! Told them this was what I wanted but my top tip is to get up, showered and dressed ASAP once catheter out - makes a big difference to whether or not you look well enough to go home when ward round is happening.

LisaMWill Sun 30-Mar-14 18:52:29

My first was an emcs born at 10:45 on a Thursday morning was discharged about 7pm Friday evening. Second was an elcs born at 11:50 Friday morning was discharged 1pm Saturday afternoon. Was told I could go home on both.

IMissSleep Sun 30-Mar-14 19:38:46


If everything goes to plan I really don't want to be in more than 24hrs. I didn't sleep a wink last time with all the noise and nothing like getting in your own bed!

And DS1 is so excited about meeting his brother. I don't really want him running around the ward disturbing the other mums!

dannydyerismydad Sun 30-Mar-14 19:43:21

I was in for 4 days. On the morning of day 4, a midwife came to see me and said "you really should think about going home today."

I was politely behaving myself and assuming they would tell me when I could go. They were expecting me to have asked to leave a day or two before.

When you feel well enough, tell them you're leaving!

CrispyFB Sun 30-Mar-14 20:48:38

First c-section (non urgent EMCS) - 3 nights, but baby had blood sugar issues
Second c-section (ELCS) - 48 hours
Third c-section (non urgent EMCS) - 34 hours.. could have escaped at 30 hours if they'd sorted out the paperwork sooner! I was stunned! But ultimately I was fine to go really - I was able to gently walk the five minutes to pick the older DC up from school, much to their surprise grin

It so depends on hospital policy. I begged to go earlier with my second and they said absolutely not, it's the hospital policy. This time round they offered it to me without asking.

harrygracejessica Mon 31-Mar-14 09:33:57

First was planned c-sec wed morning and out Friday morning.

Second was emergency prom with twins and had them at 5pm out 24 hours later ( they were in scbu)

Third was again prom with twins. Had them Tuesday evening and out Friday - I had one twin in scbu and one with me and I was ill.

hedgehogy Mon 31-Mar-14 09:43:07

1 1/2 days (ELCS)

firstpost Mon 31-Mar-14 09:51:14

1st baby EMCS at 8pm for failed induction out at 5pm following day.
2nd baby ELCS at 9am out at lunchtime following day smile

iseenodust Mon 31-Mar-14 09:55:08

Had DS Fri morning and escaped Mon morning but wasn't well enough to go earlier.

Alibabaandthe40nappies Mon 31-Mar-14 09:56:34

3 days each time.

Do they not give you a private room? Our hospital does for Mums who have had a section whenever they can.

Purplehonesty Mon 31-Mar-14 10:12:21

Three nights both times I think. Loved it, had my own room and time to myself with new baby. Food was ace.
Didn't want to go home the first time!!

IMissSleep Mon 31-Mar-14 11:18:55

If I get my own room I'll never leave grin

I didn't last time so assuming I won't this time

duchesse Mon 31-Mar-14 11:40:21

I was in for 6 days after but only because DD3 was in nicu and I needed to be near for breastfeeding (attempting to establish it anyway/ express for tube feeding).

Ragwort Mon 31-Mar-14 11:47:22

I was also in for five nights - a combination of EMCS, having difficulty establishing b/feeding (which I later found out is not uncommon if you have an emergency section) - the hospital was so pro-breast feeding that my DH had to cause a fuss to 'allow' us to give DS formula hmm and DS had a serious medical condition.

Note - breast feeding established well once we were out of the 'stress' of the hospital situation.

I think you just insist on going home if you feel well enough, too many of us feel we have to do what the hospital staff tell us rather than just be assertive and go home. grin.

IMissSleep Mon 31-Mar-14 12:38:39

My DS didn't latch on for the first 24hrs and had to hand express and tube feed. Exhausting.
As soon as I arrived home he latched on! Guess me being relaxed in my own home helped.

duchesse Mon 31-Mar-14 12:49:03

DD didn't feed from me for the first week. She had neither the energy nor the need. As soon as they got her underlying infection under control and removed her feeding tube (yes, she did do it herself) and come off the glucose drip, she suddenly developed an interest.

MrsWombat Mon 31-Mar-14 12:50:37

NICE guidelines state that if the mother is recovering well she can be discharged after 24 hours.

I was in hospital for about for four days after an EMCS for DC1. I think I would have been ok to go home after 24/36 hours, (24 hours would have been in the middle of night!) but it was my first child (and first c section obv) and was having problems breastfeeding and I naively thought being in hospital would help. Getting 1-1 help from the community midwife, and sleeping well in my own bed helped with that.

If I end up with an elective this time (prefer an elective to being induced) or end up with an EMCS after an attempt at a VBAC I will be looking to be discharged ASAP.

Tranquilitybaby Mon 31-Mar-14 17:11:34

I stayed in for two night both times. If we're lucky enough to have no. 3, I'd like to leave after one night. X

MolotovCocktail Mon 31-Mar-14 17:56:23

Dd2 delivered the Thursday morning; we were discharged Saturday afternoon. I'd had a very minor problem in theatre in that it took longer than usual for my blood to clot. Also, I fainted in the shower on Friday morning (but that was due to me not eating before getting into the shower aftet nay sleep). But I think 2 nights in is pretty standard. They wanted me in for one more night but I asked them to let me out because dd1 missed me. They took sympathy, bless 'em.

I missed the oramorph! Managed on paracetamol and codeine wink

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