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Visual Triggers to Labour - anyone experienced them?

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PavlovtheCat Fri 28-Mar-14 21:17:47

My good friend has just had her second baby this morning. Very quick. It got me talking about labour experience with someone at work, and on another unrelated to this thread. And I realise that I love a good birth story!!

When I had my second child, DS. This is how my first contraction came about.

I was having a lie-in while DD was with DH in the front room. Our bedroom was next door to it at the time. DS was 10 days overdue. I had been 4cm dilated since a couple of days before and had been awake late pacing up and down frustrated.

I woke at 7:00am ish, enjoyed listening to the family next door, dozed on and off until about 7:20am, glanced at the clock thought about getting up, closed my eyes lazily, and this image/half dream of a tiny baby on my chest flashed in front of me, my son! So I lay there and looked at him and he sort of wriggled up to my nipple and latched on.

And, the moment he latched on, I felt him latch on for real, and that sharp/sweet feeling of first latch-on, went straight down into my back and BAMM! contraction, all part of the same feeling!

How cool is that?!! I am guessing it was a release of the hormone needed to get labour started, and my body reacted visually. It was lovely and I remember it clear as day.

Most people look at me like this hmm Anyone else had a visual trigger like that?

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