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Can I get my c section moved forward

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IMissSleep Thu 27-Mar-14 21:48:14

I'm suffering with such terrible SPD and sciatica that I'm bed bound most of the time, unable to drive and not able to walk properly hmm

I'm booked in for 3 weeks time. Just wondered if they would bring it forward or I should just sit it out? (Literally!)

Having a repeat section due to scar tissue pain throughout my pregnancy. Thanks

cravingcake Thu 27-Mar-14 22:13:32

I really feel for you but doubt they will. I was having extremely painful tightenings (every 10 mins) at 36 weeks along with spd until my elcs at 39 weeks. They wouldnt even consider moving my c-section date and gave me codeine to manage the pain until the elcs. Needless to say i was not happy but unless baby is distressed or you go into labour naturally they probably wont do it.

I did find the staff on the ward very helpful and sympathetic when i was in being checked and monitored, it was the consultants who i saw for my standard appointments (and therefore not wanting to risk a lawsuit if things went wrong) who just said no.

But do ask, plead, beg, whatever you feel might help as your hospital may have a different policy to mine.

IMissSleep Thu 27-Mar-14 22:23:36

Thank you smile

Do you think I should contact my midwife or consultant first?

It's agonising sad but if they say no I'll just have to be bed bound. Maybe I should see my GP?

cravingcake Fri 28-Mar-14 06:04:52

I'd start with consultant, they are the only one who has any 'power' in changing an elcs date. They can also presribe you pain killers if required so no need to see your gp.

You could also speak with your midwife, they should be sympathetic but theres not a lot they can do.

It is agony but totally worth it, and you will feel a million times better once your baby is here.

janey1234 Fri 28-Mar-14 06:23:37

They don't like to do them before 39 weeks unless they have to as babies are more likely to suffer breathing difficulties before that age. Personally I wouldn't risk it unless medically I had absolutely no choice.

(I say that as someone who had a c section at 38+3 and whose baby spent the first three days in NICU knocked out on morphine with a machine breathing for him sad so am probably a little overly cautious...)

Good luck with whatever you decide thanks

racmun Fri 28-Mar-14 06:33:36

I had mine booked in at 36 weeks but that because there complications which were affecting bambino.

Unfortunately for you I think if your baby is quite happy in there then they'll leave you but it worth an ask.

Tea1Sugar Fri 28-Mar-14 06:57:20

I begged my consultant yesterday to move mine forward from 39+2 due to worsened asthma. He agreed, a whole two days to 39+0. Even 38+6 was shut down in my face. Anyway, 2 days less I suppose. 18 more sleepless nights to go..

yellowsnownoteatwillyou Fri 28-Mar-14 07:04:23

You can ask, they might do a couple of days but doubt they will do even a week. I was house bound and in agony as well and they weren't for budging. It's awful, hope everything goes ok.

eandh Fri 28-Mar-14 07:09:12

I had my ELCS moved for DD2 but only by a few days and only because I had been in and out of hospital for 3 weeks previously with bleeds and other things. I was meant to have her on the friday at 38+3 (had dd1 by ELCS at 39+2) and they had a cancellation on the tuesday (they only do ELCS on Tuesday afternoons and Friday mornings at my hospital) but they would not consider it until I was 38 weeks exactly (which was the date I had her) Consultant agreed it over the phone (this was 7 years ago now!)

IMissSleep Fri 28-Mar-14 07:33:02

Thank u ladies

I guess I'll just sit it out. Yesterday was a bad day, spent all of it in bed. Feel a bit "lighter" today if that makes sense?! OH says I just need to put my feet up because the pain is only really bad when I've done a lot of walking. Even dropping my 3yr old to nursery is a challenge so OH is doing it. Oh well, 19 days to go smile

IMissSleep Fri 28-Mar-14 07:45:59

Btw, I'm booked in for 39+4

Might just give it ago, even if they agreed to the 4 days that would make a whole lot of difference!

Tea1Sugar Sat 29-Mar-14 12:42:48

They should agree to 39+0. As I said I was initially booked in for 39+2 but they agreed to move it forward two days. Roll on 15th April :D

CrispyFB Sun 30-Mar-14 20:57:00

You can probably get the first day they do c-sections after you hit 39+0. I was booked in for 39+1 as my due date was a Sunday. They could care less about the SPD <sigh> I did actually get my date moved forward to 38+1 due to other issues in the end, but baby had other ideas and I went into labour at 36+6, ha! grin She was totally fine, thankfully. And so was my SPD (well, 90% better and improving daily) from the moment they lifted her out.

Most people do make a full-ish (if not complete) recovery from SPD - this is my fourth DC with SPD every time and I lead a full active life between pregnancies with just the odd twinge if I really overdo it at the wrong time of month.

Hang in there and count down those days. I was using a crutch from 20 weeks this time (have regularly used a wheelchair for one pregnancy, thank goodness that one ended - happily - at 35+5) so I totally get it.

IMissSleep Sun 30-Mar-14 21:08:56

I am counting down the days! So uncomfortable now hmm

18 days to go, they'll fly by... Right?!!

CrispyFB Sun 30-Mar-14 22:29:59

Hey, you may go early!! I was counting down the days then got thoroughly confused when she came 7 days early. For months I'd been "X amount of days ago, I was doing this, so it's that amount of time until I deliver.." then suddenly I was "oh." It took a while to adjust to not counting down days!!

IMissSleep Mon 31-Mar-14 07:33:12

True! DS was 10 days early

Can I still have a section if I'm early?

yellowsnownoteatwillyou Mon 31-Mar-14 13:25:31

If you go into labour early, I would phone and tell them you were booked for a section and see what happens. I think it depends on the reason you were getting one if they will tell you to come in for one or try for a natural birth.

CrispyFB Mon 31-Mar-14 15:47:54

You should still get your c-section (depending on what state you're in when you get there - I mean, if baby is crowning..!!) as there was a medical need in the first place and that won't have changed. Just make sure you tell them when you call if you do go into labour early as the previous poster said!

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