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In labour, sent home

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Katyhannah1988 Wed 26-Mar-14 14:12:28

Hi Everyone,
Wondering if you can help admitted to hospital this morning.
Late last night contractions started and I lost most of my plug, woke up this morning to bright red bleeding was checked over in hospital baby is fine and it's been confirmed I am in early labour this time contractions were 5 minutes apart and moderately painful have been sent home to rest until contractions are 2-3 minutes apart and really painful.
I've managed to have a nap at home but since I've woken up contractions are now 10 minutes apart .. What does this mean am I still in labour ???

Bambamb Wed 26-Mar-14 14:17:24

Sounds like you are still in early labour. Your contractions haven't stopped but they still haven't fully organised themselves into reliably regular ones. They may start getting closer again soon or it could be a while, it's just a waiting game.
I would go with what the hospital has advised, keep in touch with them if you are anxious but best advise would be, rest as much as you can, eat something if you can stomach it that's full of energy (bananas, peanut butter & jam on toast etc), just try to relax & sleep if you can. I know that's not necessarily easy! Hopefully things will start to pick back up soon. Good luck, it's exciting! xxx

Sillylass79 Wed 26-Mar-14 15:21:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

OurMiracle1106 Wed 26-Mar-14 15:33:18

The same happened to me waters broke and plug gone at 9am on Wednesday morning a day of contractions easing off a bit, fine until 11pm Thursday night. Went into hospital and was 3cm dilated. Kept on monitoring ward. Checked at 4am and baby's dad sent home. Checked an hour and a half later and I was 8 cm. Our ds arrived ar 7.32am just as well my now ex didnt go home and get plenty of sleep and phone to check about midday really isnt it?

Follow your own body. I felt I needed to be kn hospital. I was right

learnasyougo Wed 26-Mar-14 15:45:05

pre labour can go on for days. I had this pattern (and dehydration or tiredness can make your labour stall, so look after yourself through this stage). I went into hospital after about 30 hours of contractions (7 minutes apart) because I was booked for a scan (I was 42 weeks exactly).

I went in and being at the hospital made my contractions stall again (1 every 20 or so minutes). In the end the hospital would not let me go home (low amniotic fluid) so I was stuck hanging around in antenatal and post natal (labour and delivery were full).

I think, because I was at hospital, no food or water and nowhere suitable to rest, my labour went on and on and on. I was 70 hours in total, with about 30 of those being 'active' labour.

I do think being at home is better. You can eat and drink and move about more freely and rest. Being stuck in a hospital did not allow my hormone levels to settle into a good labour pattern.

It's boring though, I know, but being physically IN the hospital doesn't actually get you closer to having your baby (unless you start wanting to be induced - if you do, speak to a midwife and say this. Explain the pre-labour is exhausting you and you'd like some help in speeding it up.

Word of caution - do not let them break your waters and then clear off for four hours. I went through hell without pain relief and dilated not one bit. It took syntocinon to shift my baby, in the end.

Good luck though. Baby will be here soon(ish).

Sillylass79 Wed 26-Mar-14 15:52:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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