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Rhianna1980 Sun 23-Mar-14 23:02:51

Hi ladies,
Has Anyone kept bleeding after 13 weeks?
I'm a bit concerned. When I saw my gp for my 6 week check up she said some women keep spotting for 3 months.
I wear a panty liner and more then half of it is bloody. So I assume that's more than just spotting ... And in the last few days the blood looks fresh bright red as opposed to dark red -brown blood.
I will try and get an appointment with doc this week. Is it wrong to ask for an ultra sound? Not sure if what's happening is really normal sad

Cariad007 Mon 24-Mar-14 00:51:59

Is it your period returning?

redcaryellowcar Mon 24-Mar-14 01:10:15

I don't think i would think its normal after all this time , in same situation i think i would be seeing gp.

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