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Frustrating stop start labour

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kohl Sun 23-Mar-14 11:26:25

Have had 2 days of quite intense braxton hicks, a bloody show at 7am, two huge contractions. Called midwife (home birth) who sent me in for a presentation scan @ 10 (baby keeps turning breech) all fine. Took Dd to friend, called DH back from work & now, nothing.

For DD1 first stage was pretty speedy-7 hours from Show to transition.

So what are your best tips for getting labour established please!

mostlyconfused Sun 23-Mar-14 12:14:16

Maybe go for a long walk? I swear eating lots of pineapple worked for me last time( although I'm probably talking none sense!)

I hope things start up again for you soon. I'm 40 + 1 and dying for things to get moving!

Good luck x

hazchem Tue 25-Mar-14 06:17:44

Have you had a sweep? It's just that is how my labour went. Stop start stop start for a day or two after each sweep.
IN terms of getting things started go back to basics. Get warm and dark and cosy with someone you you don;t have to have sex but just sort of recreate the safe loving feelings you would when have when having sex.

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