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Argh argh... staring down the barrel of induction with back-to-back baby

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CountBapula Sat 22-Mar-14 08:02:06

I'm 41+3 with DS2. Had a sweep at my 41-week appointment and it did nothing (except I nearly fainted blush). They said head was right down and my cervix was central, but nothing's really happened since then except the odd twinge.

I'm booked for induction Monday night and am terrified. I was induced with DS1 at (I think) 41+4 and it was okay (one pessary, 13-hour labour, ventouse) but it seems that it'll be different this time.

Last time I went in for about 9am, and DS was born about 1am. This time I'll have to go in at 9pm, have the pessary then they'll send DH home. I'm being a wimp but I don't want to stay in hospital alone sad Also they've said I'd have to have continuous monitoring and birth pool not an option - gutting as I really wanted a birth centre water birth this time round. I also have pretty bad SPD, and DS2 is back to back, so I'm terrified of the pain and ending up stuck on my back.

Don't know what I'm asking for, really. Reassurance? Hand holding? Good experiences?

iamusuallybeingunreasonable Wed 02-Apr-14 17:16:13

Oh my word that is revolting!!!!

CountBapula Wed 02-Apr-14 10:15:08

shock grin

Charingcrossbun Wed 02-Apr-14 10:00:00

Forgot to say , whilst I was in hospital post birth I was in an antenatal ward (as DS was in NICU). The girl next to me was waiting to be induced and really freaked out about it, someone has told her horrid stories about extra pain as she was desperate to go into labour naturally. Her DP was there and clearly stepped up as I woke up early evening to the noises of what was clearly them have sex behind the curtain!!! In a way it's outrageous but at 40+weeks, in a room with other people and on a single bed I had to be impressed! Nearly wet myself laughing when he whispered"I think I can feel the head with it" wink!!!

caledonianclown Fri 28-Mar-14 08:04:59

Congratulations iam! I'm also booked for induction on Monday and it's nice to hear it's not all bad!

iamusuallybeingunreasonable Fri 28-Mar-14 06:50:13

I can feel the oxytocin on this thread!! Yes good luck to those still due x

And congrats to all of my fellow mummies smile

CountBapula Fri 28-Mar-14 06:21:08

Wowzers, iam! That was quick! Congratulations. Hope you're okay.

Best of luck, Mummyk!

Mummyk1982 Fri 28-Mar-14 04:52:23

Huge congrats!!! I'm booked for induction on Monday- hoping for an outcome just like yours :-) x

iamusuallybeingunreasonable Fri 28-Mar-14 03:26:22

Pessary! Not peasant!!

iamusuallybeingunreasonable Fri 28-Mar-14 03:26:05

My lovely DS is here, went in for induction at 11am, nothing happened all day after peasant, just about to go to sleep and waters popped on their own, this was at 10pm, contractions started instantly and furiously, begged for epidural... Not a chance, baby born at ten past midnight, beautiful, healthy and cuddled up to me right now smile

CountBapula Thu 27-Mar-14 09:25:19

Wonderful news, charing! Congratulations thanks

Charingcrossbun Thu 27-Mar-14 05:58:28

Congrats to all so really good news and I know a few days ago it all seemed so impossible!!
The threat of eviction (and a second sweep) worked for me too! I had my baby boy on Monday morning. grin He inherited his day's fashion sense though and decided umbilical cords are this season's snood and came out with it wrapped 3times round his neck. He is doing super super well though and after a scary few days in ICU He's started breast feeding and being a normal happy little boygrin
Got there in the end!!! Soooo looking forward to taking him home now x

exexpat Wed 26-Mar-14 16:50:18

Congratulations! Glad to hear he decided to come out without extra encouragement.

And I'm very impressed at all the huge babies. Mine were both only just over 9lbs, and were treated as outsized by the hospital - but then this was in Japan where most babies seem to be around the 5-6lbs mark.

caledonianclown Wed 26-Mar-14 16:13:48

Congratulations Count sounds like a lovely birth!

learnasyougo Wed 26-Mar-14 15:53:35

Lovely to hear the good news. It seems eviction notices (threat of induction) don't get in the way of the oxytocin needed for labour then.

I'm also particularly glad to note the sizes of the recent arrivals (10lbs 13oz, wowee!) because I'm expecting a whopper in the next couple of weeks (DS1 now 18months old was 10lbs 5oz, thanks to his father's family trait of piling on the pounds before birth and then not gaining much weight after that - bean poles the lot of them, but hippos at birth).

Enjoy your new squishy babies. thanks

snapple21 Wed 26-Mar-14 15:23:32

My little boy is ten days old. I was booked for induction at 42 weeks and I was so upset as I wanted to to use the pool. He was back to back. I actually woke at 4.30am on induction day contracting mildly - by the time I went to be induced I was 2-3cm and needed the ARM only. I asked for wireless monitoring and got in the pool (but got out again ten mins later didn't like it as things were progressing very fast)

If you don't need the syntocinon drip you should be able to use the pool if your hospital has wireless monitoring.

Good luck ladies, I was so scared of being induced so know how it feels. Hopefully you will start before!

CountBapula Wed 26-Mar-14 15:11:48

Just a wee update to say DS2 was born early this morning smile

Turns out I was in labour when I last posted. Got to my induction appointment after having mild contractions all day. After a couple of hours' monitoring they found I was 3cm and said I could go to the birth centre (literally made it an hour before their cutoff date - otherwise would have been 42wks and sent to labour ward).

Got in the water around 11:30pm and he was born at 1am, weighing in at a healthy 10lbs 13oz (yes, really) shock shock Just gas and air - no other poking or prodding needed smile and a first-degree tear. He came out the right way up in the end so must have turned during labour.

Fingers crossed for you all whether you're induced or not x

ProlificPenguin Tue 25-Mar-14 13:05:51

Walking up stairs can put pressure on waters, try a bit of that? My friend was sent away from hospital with an induction booked for next day, then climbed up and down the hospital stairs a few times and waters went on her way back to the car park and baby was on way.

Good luck everyone!!

Pregnantagain7 Tue 25-Mar-14 12:47:39

Know not no duh!

Pregnantagain7 Tue 25-Mar-14 12:47:08

Good luck to everyone I had two inductions both back to back one weighing 10lb8! Both really good positive births no induction is not everyone's first choice for how they would like to give birth but mine were fine much better than I expected and no stitches not even after the 10 pounder! Good luck again smile

iamusuallybeingunreasonable Tue 25-Mar-14 09:29:34

Good luck Bap smile

caledonianclown Tue 25-Mar-14 09:09:28

Good luck for today count hope it all goes well for you! Keep us posted

CountBapula Tue 25-Mar-14 08:15:44

Thanks Ida - that's exactly what I did in the end. Nice dinner and a relaxing bath.

exexpat I've heard about that happening to a few people, actually. I'm really quite twingey this morning shock - refusing to believe it could be anything more than BH but hoping it means induction will be quick when it happens.

exexpat Mon 24-Mar-14 20:56:29

I was booked in for induction with DC2 - back-to-back, big baby, had got to 41+2 with no sign of dilation. I'd had some false labour a week or so earlier, but since then nothing. DC1 had also been back-to-back and big, but had arrived one day early, so I was not used to the wait.

But - my waters broke unexpectedly just as I was getting my hospital bag ready to leave on the morning of the scheduled induction - by the time I got to hospital I was having regular contractions, so no need for induction! Labour went much faster than with DC1, and DC2 was born that afternoon.

So don't give up hope, it may yet happen naturally.

IdaClair Mon 24-Mar-14 20:47:32

I have great sympathy as I made it to 40+17 with my first. It's a horrible wait, but hang in there, all your babies will be here soon, and it's really only a matter of days before you get to squish newborn cheeks.

Take comfort too it doesn't mean all your babies will be overdue, my second turned up a few days 'early' and surprised everyone smile

I didn't opt for induction on the end, no one is pregnant forever, but it doesn't half seem like it at the end. Best thing to do is whatever you feel like - no curry or pineapple, just curl up with a good book and eat tasty nutritious things you fancy whilst being waited on hand and foot!

CountBapula Mon 24-Mar-14 20:39:07

Thanks Alibaba.

iam you poor thing. I totally empathise. I've been in tears myself several times today sad

Oh well, must try and be positive. Watching Mary Berry to try and calm down smile

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