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Two weeks post ELCS, quick question

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Bellyshelf Mon 17-Mar-14 21:11:58

Had an ELCS two weeks ago, this was my second CS. This time around I've been left with a significant overhang due worse by quite severe swelling and bruising (DC was stuck so they were rummaging about quite a bit, I also had a lot of scar tissue from last time that they corrected as much as possible).

I'm hoping the overhang reduces as the swelling and bruising goes down but in the meantime it's rubbing when I walk and getting sweaty inside the fold (sorry, that's rank). I'm worried it'll cause an infection. I air it as often as I can and wash it every evening but is there anything I can put on it to prevent the chaffing/rubbing/sweating? DH suggested putting the absorbent side of a maternity pad against the wound to protect it, would that work?

Also the MW said I have a hematoma which will either come away or be absorbed. Today I had some fairly heavy bleeding, no spotting or warning, just a sudden full flow but it stopped as quickly as it started (in the space of roughly 45 mins) and for all it was free flowing it was brown not red. Could this be the hematoma coming away? My belly was very tender and since this bleed it was instantly and noticeably less tender.

Thanks in advance.

Notonthisplanet Tue 18-Mar-14 10:38:16

Not sure on the hematoma but I used as your husband suggests a pad over the scar for a few weeks till the wound healed. It really helps to keep it clean and dry and some snug underwear to hold it in place ensures comfort. smile

AllBoxedUp Tue 18-Mar-14 11:59:01

I was also advised to use a maternity pad inside my pants when I had my ELCS and it did help. Have you got massive pants on as well? Granny pants that come up to your belly button are great post CS - I got some cheap ones from Asda I think.

Bellyshelf Tue 18-Mar-14 12:28:13

My granny pants are firmly pulled up to my armpits, they're a lovely floral patten - I don't need the contraception talk from the health visitor, these pants are all the contraception I need grin

I put a pad in the overhang but it felt too padded (I've only got pillow sized maternity pads in the house) so I've used a clean, folded washcloth instead.

If the pants fail the presence of the wash cloth will be my back up contraception.

cathpip Tue 18-Mar-14 12:42:40

A normal sanitary towel would work as would a wound dressing, hospital gave me lots of these as I ended up with an infection because of the overhang and doing too much. Someone also recommended after a shower or bath lying down and drying area with a hair dryer, that I would also recommend and then place a towel there.

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