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Portland midwife led package

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HBSBeeches Sun 16-Mar-14 19:51:22

I'd be really grateful for some advice. I'm 38 and I'm pregnant with my first baby following a miscarriage last year. I'm seriously considering the self funding midwife led package at the Portland hospital. Obviously if I or the baby become unwell then I'll switch to consultant led care, and my insurer will pick up the bill. But at the moment it's just a little too early to determine what type of pregnancy I'll experience. I just want to know who will delivery my baby, have a named consultant on the day and know all pain relief options will be available. But I'm keen to hear others recent experiences of the Portland and their midwives especially any negative stories! Also, I'd also really like views on when people check in either at 12, 20 or 30 weeks. It's seems that the only other private midwife unit in London is at Chelsea and Westminster and if I need medical intervention, my insurance company won't pay at this hospital so leaving me with a huge bill.

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