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Elective induction?

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Freyathecatt Wed 12-Mar-14 09:18:26


I am currently expecting #2 and wondering if anyone has any experience of an elective induction. Are they even possible?

The reason i ask is that i was induced with my son (they thought my waters had broken early and i might have an infection -all unfounded) and the entire process took 2 hours. I was given the drip at 3pm, my first contraction was at 430pm, my waters broke around then and he was born at 510pm. So in fact it was 40 mins from first contraction to him being out. I was advised by the Head midwife to seriously consider a homebirth for any subsequent babies.

However, i'm just not a homebirth person. In an ideal world i don't want too much medical intervention (i know this massively contradicts the point of this post) but i want access to medical assistance immediately if needs be. I'm just paranoid about what a natural labour might mean for us, we'll have to sort childcare for our son (my parents live 40 mins away) and the hospital is 20 mins away. I just want a tiny measure of control and certainty.


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