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Prolonged bleeding. Worried

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dessirie Tue 11-Mar-14 22:46:34

I gave birth 9 weeks ago. It wasn't an easy delivery and I had an episiotomy and 4 stitches. I was in agony when released from hospital, which continued for 2 weeks. I was given strong painkillers. My stitches are still paining me (not as bad) but people from my ante natal class who gave birth after me, and had stitches, have no pain at all. But my real worry is that I bled continuously for 5 weeks, then it stopped for a few days after changing to a light brown colour. It then began again, a dark red colour again. I saw the nurse, she said there was no infection in my stitches and it was normal to stop and start bleeding during the first couple of months. It then stopped again for a day or two, but started again and resembled a period (in flow, length of time and had some cramping). It then stopped and I was getting a damp patch in my underwear, clear and thin, not a thick discharge. Had my 8 week check, took a urine sample with me, but at the time I'd stopped bleeding and had no discharge, so he didn't feel the need to check it. Two days ago I started bleeding again, dark and heavy and I have some abdominal pain. Is it possible to have two periods so close together does anyone know? I've read on the web it can be caused by some placenta being left inside, but surely I would be in pain! I also read it could be the uterus not contracting, but I had my abdomen felt and they were happy with the size of my uterus. I can't get to see my Dr for a week and the nurse is away (my surgery is a nightmare). Can anyone advise, or help put my mind at rest with any ideas/explanations in the meantime? Has anyone experienced the same? Could it be an infection? if so how do they check for this? Don't want to be mucked about with yet, still getting over the birth! Thanks for your help.

Mogz Wed 12-Mar-14 08:04:05

I bled for just over 7 weeks after a pretty fast delivery and 3rd degree tear. I was checked for infection as I also had a lot of pain and a fever, it was done by taking a vaginal swab, took 3 days for the results and I had to take antibiotics for a week.
I think perhaps you should try to see a gp, either at your practice or a walk in centre, as it sounds like you're quite worried.

Birgitz Wed 12-Mar-14 08:31:58

I bled on and off for 11 weeks and was told it was perfectly normally by the doctor and had no problems afterwards. I don't remember having any cramping pains though. I found that if I was more physically active (say by going on a long walk), the bleeding would start again.

sleeplessbunny Wed 12-Mar-14 08:36:44

That sounds like a long time to me. I had bleeding that slowly improved over 3 weeks or so and then suddenly got worse (heavier and darker). I was given antibiotics straight away and it calmed right down. I don't remember having any tests for infection or anything. In your position I would insist on seeing a GP asap, do you have an out-of-hours clinic or walk in centre you could use? Or talk to a midwife or HV.

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