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C-Section Broken Bead Continous stitch issue

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SimonandKaren Mon 10-Mar-14 22:19:07

Hi Everyone

We recently had our beautiful daughter via C-section as she was in breach position and everything went well and we are all now safety home

One confusing issue for us however is that the scar was bound by non dissolvable stitches, one continuous stitch with beads at both ends. When the midwife came to remove the stitch at day 10 she had a lot of problems and broke one of the beads, and this meant there is not enough of the stitch after the break for her to grasp and remove the long stitch. Trying from the other side had the same issue

She says this has happened to 3 other patients she has tried recently, and rang the Hospital to advise us on how to proceed. She was told by them to simply leave the long stitch in place as it will cause no long term harm

Has anyone else had this problem before? We are worried about trusting one persons opinion on leaving it in but can find precious little help on Google

Any replies or help greatly received

Many thanks

Simon and Karen

bonzo77 Tue 11-Mar-14 16:59:31

Congratulations on your new baby!

I'd go to your gp, or call the hospital yourself, either maternity triage if there is one, or labour or post natal ward. I would have thought it needs to be removed or you'll get some kind or reaction. You might find that as the post surgical swelling settles, some of the ends appear. Toucan then grab it with tweezers and pull it out. Maybe get someone else to do it for you! I've had 2 CS, and suture removal was easy, but it was done at 5 days (which as a dentist is when I remove stitches, not 10 days). I'm a bit hmm at 10 days really.

Bearfrills Tue 11-Mar-14 17:58:10

I second what bonzo has said, ring them and tell them you want it removed. I just had mine removed at ten days and it had gone really tight with all the swelling so was quite uncomfortable, I'm not surprised some people have had theirs snap.

I'd love to know the reasoning behind leaving it until day ten because there are two hospitals here, if I'd delivered at the other hospital I could have had it out on day five but because I delivered at my hospital it had to stay in until day 10.

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