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Fibroids and caesarean/natural childbirth - any experiences?

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starrynight123 Thu 06-Mar-14 10:46:26

I'm having my first baby and when I had my first scan a few weeks back, the sonographer pointed out that there was a large fibroid partially obstructing my cervix and, because of this, I might have to have a caesarean.

It never occurred to me that my fibroids could have any impact on childbirth - natural/cs - naïve, I know!

I wonder if anyone else has had any experience of fibroids having any sort of impact on their birth experiences? I'd appreciate any information or advice.

Tex111 Thu 06-Mar-14 10:53:36

I have fibroids and was told it might impact birth but in the end it made no difference. I ended up with two cesareans.

One thing that did happen towards the end of my pregnancy is that, because the fibroids grow quite a bit when pregnant, one outgrew its blood supply and started to die off which was very painful. I think DS didn't help by being a big baby and balancing on the fibroid. Once it died it was fine but I had an extremely painful few days and a night in hospital for monitoring.

Good luck! Chances are the fibroid will make no difference. I think they just like to be cautious with the warnings.

starrynight123 Thu 06-Mar-14 11:09:56

Thanks, Tex111. Can I ask if you had the have the caesareans because of the fibroids?

I honestly don't mind if I have a cs or natural childbirth - I just want a healthy baby! - but want to try prepare myself mentally for whatever is most likely because I have awful panic attacks and this is not helping.

tearsofrobertsmith Thu 06-Mar-14 11:51:36

Hello, I have several fibroids with this pregnancy, one which is thought to be obstructing the exit. I've been told that the baby MIGHT be able to squeeze past but that would mean possibly enduring a fair bit of natural labour then needing a emcs. So I am booked for an elcs to avoid this. I am scared of trying naturally and it not working. I've had many scans so far and the hospital can't seem to make up their minds conclusively if cervix is completely obstructed or not. I am happy at having taken control of the situation. Good luck with whatever happens for you! X

starrynight123 Fri 07-Mar-14 09:46:40

Hi tears thanks for sharing this - really helpful to know! The emcs is also what I'd like to avoid.

I have another scan in a fortnight's time and an appointment with a midwife the day after, so I'll see what the scan shows this time (wishing for a miraculous vanishing of the fibroid? me?! lol!) and then discuss it with my midwife.

Really appreciate hearing other peoples experience with this, so thank you!

Tex111 Fri 07-Mar-14 19:47:09

My fibroids didn't cause the cesareans. My cervix wouldn't dilate so I ended up with an emcs the first time and booked an elcs the second time.

BudsBeginingSpringinSight Sat 08-Mar-14 19:49:15

I know someone who had fibroids, started in labour and it all went drastically wrong, they missed lots of fibroids in the scan she had many more than they previously thought but only found this out, once labour had started. she had an emc, all very dramatic and traumatic, she lost lots of blood it was all touch and go.

Its not something I would risk after that. If they open you up in a calm adn controlled elc and find more fibroids they can deal with them, but its another matter once your in labour and things start to happen...

idlevice Sun 09-Mar-14 22:20:35

I was told after the 12wk scan that my fibroid would block the exit & I would need a classical (ie vertical incision) CS for delivery. At about 6mths I experienced the excruciating fibroid degeneration mentioned above. I was given steroids to develop the baby's lungs in case it set off an early labour but it didn't fortunately. I had a late scan where it was discovered that actually the fibroid had moved out of the way & looked like the baby's shoulder could get past which was the deciding factor for trying a natural delivery. However, as I had been expecting a CS I hadn't done any preparation for this option whatsoever! So I would say always keep an open mind about both possibilities whatever you are told! The lower segment of the uterus expands massively in the last trimester so can effectively lift the fibroids out of the way.

I was also advised I was at higher risk of bleeding so they had matched blood available before the delivery & I was considered high risk so could not use a birthing centre (but this was overseas so might not be the case here). I had read that fibroids can cause inefficient contractions as the lumps disrupt the muscular motion. I'm not sure if this contributed to a difficult labour but he was back to back so I think that was the main factor (also wondered if was more likely to have been back to back due to the position of the fibroid but then plenty of "normal" pregnancies end up back to back anyway). . I did lose blood but again difficult to say it any of it was directly attributable to the fibroids. I was keen to breastfeed to gain any potential advantage of the hormones in shrinking the uterus back down (& thus also the fibroids too).

About a year after pregnancy I had a scan & the main fibroid was shown to be quite calcified so I think it was beaten into submission by the pregnancy & was not a problem in my second pregnancy & delivery. I was told that a CS increases the chance of blood loss so this was not presented as a favourable option for my second delivery given my history of blood loss with the first.

So basically, prepare for both outcomes, be aware of possible degeneration episodes, ask about increased risk of bleeding, ask for scans along the way, especially towards delivery & try to relax & enjoy it as most likely everything will be fine!

StairsInTheNight Sun 09-Mar-14 22:30:43

I had a fibroid low down which did in fact stop me giving birth naturally- they wanted me to try for a vaginal birth though as the blood supply to the fibroid can make you bleed more heavily if you have a cs.

I ended up having a crash cs and lost a lot of blood, in retrospect I would have insisted on a planned cs so my surgeon could have been ready rather than waiting 6 hours fully dilated for her to operate.

Wish mine had degenerated afterwards! It carried on growing and was 28cm diameter 5 years later, had to have hysterectomy to remove the fucker!

That said, both me and my son were totally fine even with the complications during labour, your hospital know you have fibroids so they will keep you closely monitored!

My top tip would be choose to give birth in a hospital with no a&e, much less pressure on beds.

Good luck! Hope it shrinks!

starrynight123 Tue 11-Mar-14 09:43:35

Thanks all for sharing your experiences! I've got another scan next week and an appointment with a midwife the day after, so it's something I can speak with her about.

Having read your replies and done a bit more research, I think a cs sounds like the most sensible and safe option with fibroids. I don't want to be urged to have a natural birth when it's likely I'd end up having an emcs. I also have a serious and long-standing anxiety/panic problem and, frankly, I'd find it extremely difficult to cope with the sudden change from natural birth to emcs.

I have quite a few of them and although some are quite small, some a pretty darn big!

MyDarlingClementine Tue 11-Mar-14 19:09:20

Starry good luck I think your making the right de scion. CB can be scary enough without added problems that could go wrong when your trying to get a baby out.

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