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Pregnant after emcs

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pilotsprincess Wed 05-Mar-14 11:26:21

Hi ladies,
I'm currently 8w pg with my 2nd child.
I had a traumatic time with my dd, to cut a long story short, I was doing well and arr at hospital 8cm but then seemed to slow right down, I was put on the drip to speed things up the next morning after not progressing further than 8cm.
They attempted to give me an epidural but it unfortunately failed and. I wasn't offered anything else other than gas and air which made me vomit so I couldn't use that.
I was in complete agony when on the drip and my waters went. I got to 10cm and my dd was back to back, I pushed for 2.5 hours to no avail, literally begging for pain relief, they kept saying she would be here in the next contraction if I 'pushed harder'.
Anyways my dd got distressed and it all ended in an emcs.
I don't like to moan about hospital staff but the stay on the ward for the next 3 days was hell, I didn't get a wink of sleep in 4 nights, the support just wasn't there with breast feeding. I also was stood up for the first time after my cs then sat on a chair with my catheter still in, really really uncomfortable, was left like that for 2 hrs and in the end was screaming the place down for them to come and move me. This was actually the worst part for me.
I've ended up quite traumatised but the whole experience and do believe I had pnd due to it.
I'm 8 wks pg now and tbh I'm already getting cold sweats thinking about labour, I didn't realise just how terrified I am untill I got pg.
So I'm waiting now for my booking in appointment but I'm currently keeping myself awake at night worrying about how ill do it again. So I thought I'd ask on her, will I likely be given an option of elcs?
All I really want is a calm experience for me and baby.
Has anyone gone on to have a vbac while having similar fears?

Ludways Wed 05-Mar-14 11:38:52

I had a bit of a traumatic time with an emergency section, I was petrified of another section, I was desperate for a vbac and begged to try for vag birth. I ended up with another emergency section, however that time was a breeze, a much calmer experience.

vj32 Thu 06-Mar-14 17:12:20

I had a similar experience of labour although not as bad as yours after. I am trying for a VBAC. I have been told that having gone all the way through labour the first time - I got to 9 and a bit cm! That the second time should be easier as my body knows what to do.

Ask if there is any help or support if you intend to have a VBAC - in my area they run info sessions at the hospital and you get extra midwife appointments. I would also ask your midwife to go through your notes from first birth in detail with you as they can give you an idea of the likely success of a VBAC based on your history and reasons for your previous section. I had a senior midwife visit me at home and do this and it was very reassuring as I was able to ask lots of questions about what had gone wrong the first time.

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