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Am I in early labour? Help!!!

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Firsttimemumtobe12 Mon 03-Mar-14 01:34:10

I'm 41+4 weeks pregnant I lost mucus plug at 4ish and started with contractions about 4.30ish. Started off 10-12 mins apart and gradually got to 6-7 mins apart at around 10ish and then stopped for an hour and then had two random contractions since then. Just lost a load more of mucus plug and starting feeling a lot of pressure down there, contractions haven't started again though.
Even when my contractions where 6-7 mins apart they were still bareable pain wise which is making me wonder if that's normal especially as they stopped. Anyone experienced similar?

recall Mon 03-Mar-14 01:43:56

cake brew I think it is normal for the initial contractions to be erratic.
I'm no expert, but here to hold your hand if needed

Firsttimemumtobe12 Mon 03-Mar-14 01:46:11

Thanks smile getting so frustrated with it just want to see my baby's little face now. Seems like I've been pregnant my whole life!!

AGnu Mon 03-Mar-14 01:46:36

It's probably worth ringing someone - they might want you to go in so they can suss out what's going on. Sounds like it's not going to be long until you have your baby! Hope it all goes smoothly for you! flowers

Firsttimemumtobe12 Mon 03-Mar-14 01:52:15

Think I'm gona leave it till the morning and see if the contraction start again before ringing hospital, don't fancy spending hours and hours there would rather try and get through as much as I can at home first. I really hope your right about him making an appearance soon though smile

Lowesy Mon 03-Mar-14 01:54:28

Oo oo sounds like it could be! Me too!! Haven't been able to get off to sleep tonight yet (up with croupy DD) but finally getting some tightenings that hurt instead of Braxton Hicks. Am 40+5 - well and truly cooked!

Good luck smile

redcaryellowcar Mon 03-Mar-14 02:58:14

sounds like things are starting up, i imagine hospital would advise you to rest, maybe take a couple of paracetamol if you are uncomfortable. i would try to sleep as it may be a while until it happens! i think your plan of staying at home, provided hospital tthink its right things to do too is best plan.
best of luck.

milkysmum Mon 03-Mar-14 05:42:52

certainly sounds like you could be! I think get some rest if you are able but that a trip to hospital is likely very soonsmile

bohoec Mon 03-Mar-14 06:02:48

Ring the hospital to let them know. They won't ask you to come in until your contractions become more regular and/or until you need to go in for pain relief.

Take a paracetamol if the pain does get a bit much at first.

Try to get as much rest as you can - it sounds like your baby is on it's way! Congratulations smile

McBaby Mon 03-Mar-14 08:24:33

Ring the hospital and tell them what you are feeling especially the pressure. Some of us don't get normal regular contractions and only need a few big contractions and pressure for a baby to appear.

AGnu Mon 03-Mar-14 13:16:14

How are you doing today?

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