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Sex still painful 1 year after giving birth.

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Dogsmom Fri 28-Feb-14 22:42:42

My Dd was born 51 weeks ago, the labour was 30 hours long, she was back to back and ended up with an episiotomy and ventouse delivery.
I healed very quickly, no painkillers needed but there is a sore spot high up near my cervix that makes sex very painful.
I have had a smear test and the speculum really hurt which has never happened before and the nurse spotted a polyp which although wasn't painful has been removed in case it was the cause of the pain but it hasn't made any difference, when the gynaecologist was removing the speculum from that procedure I again felt the sore spot so he checked all my vaginal walls and can't see anything.
I've now been discharged from their care as they say there is nothing wrong and I am probably just still healing from childbirth but surely it shouldn't still hurt one year later?

Flumpy2012 Fri 28-Feb-14 22:56:19


Poor you, that sounds horrible. I think you need to go back and keep pushing them, it's not right to have pain that long after in my opinion.

I didn't have a back to back labour but, I had a 43 hour labour, an episiotomy and a ventouse delivery.

I hope you get some help and support with this x

Tea1Sugar Sat 01-Mar-14 09:22:11

Have you researched vulvodynia?

cosmicnibble Sat 01-Mar-14 10:43:36

Hi, I had a 2nd degree tear which healed poorly, and was left with a lot of scar tissue, which didn't hurt but was uncomfortable and also an extremely sore tiny area, called a 'neuroma' if I remember correctly- I think it means that nerve ends have become trapped in the scar tissue.

Anyway it took several trips for anyone to believe me about the sore area - one gp suggested I call relate for some 'psychosexual counselling' hmm

But finally saw a consultant (by going to family planning clinic in desperation after fruitless trips to gp!) who referred me for an op.
All absolutely fine now- pain free- in fact expecting dc2 any day.

You might have to be insistent to get it sorted - you know it doesn't feel right - would a one off consultation with a private gynae be possible for you?
Might get things moving along more quickly. They can still refer you under nhs for the actual op.

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