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VBA3C - what are my chances?

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mummabear23xx Fri 28-Feb-14 13:23:26

Hi, this is my 1st ever post on here, I'm really hoping some of you lovely lot may be able to give me some info or share some positive experiences you may have had. I'm currently 11 weeks pregnant with baby number 4 and I have had 3 previous c sections. the 1st with my ds was an emergency, after 26 hrs of labour and an eternity of pushing (or at least it seemed that way!) it turned out that baby was back to back and a bit of a whopper with a very large head and wasnt budging for love nor money, so a failed vontuse and 1 section later out came our wonderful 9lb 10oz bundle of joy. My 2nd section with my dd was originally planned to be a vbac, however due to numerous drs and midwives telling me she was far bigger than her older brother (estimate at 10 and a half lbs minimum) and was again back to back, its safe to say they frightened the life out of me as it was looking like a repeat of my first labour where it may well end in a section regardless, so reluctantly and probably naively, I agreed to an elective section ... would you believe it, she was a diddy 7lb 15oz and was turned the right way round after all (they even confirmed big baby and bk to bk moments before going into theater), to say I was gutted was an understatement, but I had a beautiful baby girl so that was all that mattered. For my 3rd section for my ds2, The idea of vbac was never even put on the table, I was told a c section was the only option as I had 2 previous (I have since learned from my current midwife that this is not the case and she has had a number of ladies who have had a vba2c very successfully and with the hospitals support), so I went along with that and along came another 7lb 15oz gorgeous little boy. Now, expecting number 4 and although I have had 3 previous sections with absolutely no problems and no fear, the idea of a 4th section for some reason petrifies me, I just do not want to do it, so I have been looking at the alternative, a vba3c, and the more I read the more determined I am to push for it (excuse the pun), the idea of recovering again from a section with 4 to look after has me panicking and even though the main thing is a healthy baby at the end of it, I cant deny that urge in me that somehow feels that I need to give birth. I'm wondering if any of you have some stories you could share with me to give me hope that this is possible and also maybe give me an insight as to what I am up against with regards to the hospitals and midwives, what information do I need to put forward to show I have a good case and reason for having a vbac? A home birth is out of the question as I am allergic to an element of general anesthetic so I do need consultant care in a hospital, but as long as an epidural or mobile epidural is in place there is no issue. Also of very good general health and with a healthy bmi so my general risks are quite low (sections aside), my previous pregnancies I have had a very high bmi, but no longer the case. I would appreciate all the help and advice you can give :-) xx

bethmaka1983 Fri 26-Feb-16 12:49:06

Hi I was wondering how you got on with the vba3c as I am in this position right now am 15wks pg with baby no4 and terrified of having another c section xx

shatterdmumof5 Mon 08-Aug-16 12:43:49

Hi I'm currently weeks pregnant and have previously had 2 vaginal deliveries followed by 3 c sections (2 were for twin pregnancies, the last cs was 3 years ago, I am keen to attempt a vba3c consultant not keen but tells me its ultimately my decision. Was wondering how you ladies got on? I'm hoping this time as its a single pregnancy I will be successful although the thought of rupture does terrify me.
Could anyone advice or info?

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