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Any thoughts/experiences on Remifentanil or hypnotherapy? Would really appreciate some feedback.

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MrsHelenBee Thu 27-Feb-14 14:50:05

I'm 28wks pg with my second child. I have a few complications to deal with, which are making pregnany tough, all of which I had in my first pregnancy. As a result, my experience of pregnancy, labour and birth were awful and I'm terrified about facing it all again.
I had an appointment with a consultant midwife earlier this week to talk about my birth plan. She's suggested I consider hypnotherapy to help me stay calmer and more in control this time. She also gave me info on Remifentanil, which the hospital have now introduced, as she knows I don't want another epidural.
I'm not sure how I feel about either. I'm sceptical about hypnotherapy - the course is very expensive and I guess I wonder how much of a difference it could really make. As for the Remifentanil, the suggestion I might need O2 is a bit of a concern, and I'm worried it won't allow me to feel in control, more likely high as a kite!
I'd really like to hear from mums who've had experience - good, bad or indifferent - of either or both of these, to help me make a decision. Can anyone out there help?

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