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Anyone had experience of using Remifentanil and/or hypnotherapy in labour?

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MrsHelenBee Thu 27-Feb-14 12:03:48

I'm 28wks pg with my second child. I have a few complications to deal with, which are making pregnany tough - chronic SPD, cervical erosions, anaemia, ongoing sickness and faintng spells.
Apart from the cervical erosions, all of these were issues in my first pregnancy and I had a rough time. I was so sick and in so much pain that I had to quit work at 6 months. I was on crutches for the last 8 weeks due to the SPD. I was induced an ended up haing an epidural, which caused further heightening of the SPD. Labour was awful and I had a large PPH, followed by transfusions and time in HDU. I felt poorly for weeks afterwards and it was nearly 16 months beore my SPD symptoms had gone, so having another baby was a massive decision for me.
I'm under the care of consultants and a specialist physio team this time around, and had an appointment with a consultant midwife earlier this week to talk about my birth plan. She's suggested I consider hypnotherapy to help me stay calmer and more focused in labour, and also trying Remifentanil as pain relief (I don't want another epidural). I was given some handouts on both but am not sure how I feel about either. I'm a little sceptical about hypnotherapy - maybe unjustified - especially as a course is a so exensive when money's tight. And I know the hospital have not long introduced Remifentanil and that it's pretty new, so I still don't feel that clued up about it.
I'd really like to hear from mums who've had experience - good, bad or indifferent - of either or both of these, to help me make a decision. Can anyone out there help?

Stopdropnroll Thu 27-Feb-14 14:43:23

I used hypno birthing and had a home water birth with my first 3 weeks ago and can't recommend hypno birthing enough, it kept me totally relaxed on the run up and during the birth. The midwives all kept saying how chilled out I was, the did have gas and air with them but I never got round to using it as I was coping well just with the hypno and being in the water. You don't have to do the course, you can just get the book and CD but knowing how much it helped me I'd say get going on a course at the top of the list of things you're thinking of spending money on. I know it's a lot to shell out but it doesn't just help with the actual birth it'll help you relax in the weeks before and help you sleep too.

MrsHelenBee Thu 27-Feb-14 14:55:08

Wow, thanks, that's really good to know - and well done you for managing without any pain relief at all, that's amazing!!!!!
I can't have this baby at home as I'm high risk due to all the things going on with my body, but I'm ok about the idea of being in hospital if I'm in more control than last time. I'd consider it a dream to get by with gas and air, let alone with nothing.
Were you at all sceptical before you tried the CD etc?

Stopdropnroll Thu 27-Feb-14 15:06:06

I had a few friends who had used hypno plus I have a friend who is a midwife and runs hypno birthing classes so I'd heard a lot of positive stuff before hand so I wouldn't say I was sceptical but I felt it relaxed me as soon as I started doing it so that had me quite convinced. That said because it was my first birth and I didn't know what to expect pain wise I wasn't that convinced it would help with the pain but once labour started I naturally started doing the breathing and relaxations and it did really help. My thinking was that it can't hurt so was worth a shot but it really did help so would recommend it. The only think I'd say is that it isn't a quick fix and you do have to get on board with it all and put the time and practise in but it's worth it in the end.

TheOnlySeven Mon 03-Mar-14 10:59:12

I was in agony in labour with DS. I was already in hospital with PE, they didn't believe I was in labour (their machine didn't pick up my contractions) and gave me co-codamol when I wanted pain relief hmm. I remember being in the corridor and screaming during contractions before they finally examined me and realised I was in labour. I was panicking and felt completely out of control.

With DD1 I bought a natal hypnotherapy CD from Amazon and thought it was just worth a try. My next two births were so so different from the first. Still hospital births with constant monitoring due to pre-term labours but while still painful it was manageable and I felt constantly calm and in control, I just needed gas and air for the pushing phase. I wasn't doing any techniques or anything. I always fell asleep listening to it so didn't know any but apparently it doesn't matter because your sub-conscious remembers it. I can't recommend it highly enough .

nearlyreadytopop Mon 03-Mar-14 15:27:39

I had remifentinal for the birth of ds. To begin with I thought it was super, I could still feel the contraction but it was no where near as painful as with gas and air. I was still able to move about and go to the loo. I spent time on my hands and knees. As labour progressed I became more 'out of it' and sleepy and had to be reminded to breath. They took the remi buzzer of me for the pushing stage. Afterwards I was freezing, shivering and shaking, I was told this was the come down from the remi.

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