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What to wear for water birth?!

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JenJoWilson Wed 26-Feb-14 13:46:15

I can confirm I most definitely WILL care what I am wearing when in the midst of labour. I have seen this asked on another site and the majority of the women were telling poster to go naked and they wouldn't care that it was all "hanging out". I have 2 children (both natural births) and am extremely prudish to the point where I was "shy" about opening my legs to push, never mind to have the examinations they give you!! I would prefer to keep covered as much as possible. Anyone feel the same as me and have any ideas? Thanks in advance smile

GummiBear74 Wed 26-Feb-14 13:50:20

I bought a tankini top and a pair of bikini bottoms that tied at the sides so easy to remove. I thought that a tshirt or similar would be horrible when wet. I also found a towelling dressing gown for when I got out.

However, despite being absolutely certain that I wouldn't want to get naked, when the time came, I just jumped in au naturel because I couldn't have cared less who saw what blush

Fairypants Wed 26-Feb-14 17:15:25

I'd go for a tankini. You can just wear the top when things get going but it won't make you cold if your shoulders come out f the water. I don't think ppl can see clearly underwater so I can imagine a wb being good from that point of view.
Disclaimer: I haven't had a water birth yet so no personal experience but considering it this time (if DH can cope with the risk of splashes for home birth).

OrangeMochaFrappucino Wed 26-Feb-14 17:26:44

I went naked last time and really didn't care - I went into another state of mind in labour and despite being a very reserved and self conscious person, I just went with my instincts. I didn't know I was having a water birth in advance though, a pool just happened to be free. This time I'm planning a water birth and might get a tankini top because it feels weird to plan to be naked! Bit reluctant to buy a maternity tankini for single use though!

GummiBear74 Wed 26-Feb-14 18:36:25

You can get very cheap swimwear at Sports Direct online (e.g. £2.00 for a top, 50p for bottoms), but there is a delivery charge on top of that. That's why I don't really mind that I didn't wear mine!

QuietNinjaTardis Wed 26-Feb-14 19:05:19

I took my maternity swimsuit when I went into labour. I put the top on then promptly took it off again and climbed in starkers. I was pushing as I got in though so my main concern was getting her out.

Mummytobe2014 Wed 26-Feb-14 19:41:43

I hope to have a water birth and will prob just wear whatever i have on top which is more than likely a vest top. I too am very self conscious and worry even tho the mw's and nurses have seen it all before! Cant imagine myself being naked so thats my plan but who knows what will happen.

Emilycee Wed 26-Feb-14 20:41:53

I bought a 'glabour' bikini (sorry I dont know how to post links but if you google it) its basically the bikini top and sarong bottoms that covers your bits - great idea!

I know I will care - I hate examinations etc too and am also very prudish!

findingherfeet Wed 26-Feb-14 20:47:09

I've a Tankini in my hospital bag but I reckon it might bunch up over my bump and be really annoying so now planning to go for non wired cross over crop top style bra, for coverage of boobs and easy feeding access ( think official name is a maternity sleeping bra!)

lolalotta Wed 26-Feb-14 20:50:42

I was in the zone and went naked, hadn't expected the pool to be free so hadn't planned for it TBH! Water birth fab BTW!

JenJoWilson Thu 27-Feb-14 18:52:00

Thank you ladies. It might seem like I'm being fussy but just before pushing time with my 2nd baby when I was leaning over the bed I was constantly on at my partner to make sure my bum wasn't hanging out!! I know the midwifes have seen it all before but I just can't help being prudish blush Thanks for the tips, really has helped.

emmac3616 Thu 27-Feb-14 18:57:51

I wore a normal bikini top (I have no boobs and had not much more in labour!) and no bottoms... It was fine. I LOVED the pool (having said it was hippy dippy cr*p pre-labour I am a total convert!!)! I only took my bottoms off once in the pool I think... now I think about it!

Hardrockhallelujah Thu 27-Feb-14 19:01:49

I cared what I wore when I had a water birth so know how you feel OP grin. I bought a cheap bikini top and a knee length nightie from Tesco. I wore normal knickers until I was ready to push. I was completely covered up the whole time so it was one less thing to think about for me. Good luck OP smile

littlebluedog12 Thu 27-Feb-14 19:10:04

I think the water helps you feel more covered up though? Plus it is usually soft lighting etc. For DD1's waterbirth I brought a tankini but actually by the time they finally said I was dilated enough to be allowed in the pool I was in so much pain I stripped off and practically leapt in grin

DD2 was an induction on a normal labour ward and I stayed fully clothed in a long nightie. I would have felt v uncomfortable naked in that situation, but I think a water birth is very different. Good luck!

Parliamo Thu 27-Feb-14 19:11:45

I had one baby in the pool naked and another with the cotton maternity bra.

Have you seen the womama birthing wraps? I coveted one for dd1 and should have got it. Not convinced it would be practical for the pool but I still wanted one!

I reckon a vest and swimming costume type material short sarong type affair would be best. Bottom coverage, easy access without too much soggy dropping material should you need to get out.

You do know you can refuse PE, don't you? I wish I had with dd3. Painful and pointless for me, and half the time just for their paperwork.

JenJoWilson Thu 27-Feb-14 19:59:50

What's PE? I'm new to this and not so good at all of these abbreviations, I still don't even know what DS is etc, haha blush

I'm hoping I'll be dilated enough when I get there to get straight in (if one is available), being 6cm on arrival withmy other 2 kiddies I'll be gutted if I get there and I'm only 2 or 3cm!!

Thanks again, so many helpful ladies on this Mumsnet! grin

Parliamo Thu 27-Feb-14 20:33:36

Sorry, pelvic exam. With dd2 I had a homebirth and was only examined once when she was trying to decide whether to stay or go and then they left me to it.

With dd3 I was induced and they had all of these rules about how long often they would do the internals and it was stupid- they wouldn't listen to me that I was ready to get in the pool, wouldn't examine me when I asked because it was too soon, wouldn't not examine me when it was too painful (err because i was in transition like I said!). If I'd had on my notes to refuse PE it would have spared me all that.

I've just made it sound like it was awful! It was actually brilliant and I loved my midwife, but it would have been even better without all that.

Anyway, the point of all that... If being examined makes you uncomfortable, you can ask them not to. You could at least discuss it with your midwife, I'm not a professional!

Pregnantberry Thu 27-Feb-14 20:37:19

I would use a nightie or some other light floaty dress in your situation. It wont get in the way at all but will give you plenty of coverage.

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