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ELCS after EMCS last time?

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vj32 Wed 26-Feb-14 08:11:41

I am 37 weeks pregnant with no2. DS1 was 9lb11oz and emergency section after being back to back and getting stuck and distressed.

After months of being told I had a good chance of a VBAC by midwives and a Registrar at the hospital - standard quoted figure of 70% success rate, which I was fine to go for, I've now been told in my case that's rubbish. The Dr said it was more than likely I would need a c-sec and seemed surprised I hadn't requested an elective. I think because the size estimates can be so unreliable they will leave the decision up to me, but baby has been consistently off the charts (well above 95th centile which is all they measure to) and I would be shocked if he was less than 10lb. I know lots of people birth big babies naturally but as the Dr said to me - if you couldn't naturally give birth to a baby that is 9lb11oz how will you with a 10lb+ baby? (Probably true, but thanks for that.)

I really wanted to go for a VBAC but now think an ELCS would probably be better. Just don't know and getting frustrated by the mixed messages from HCPs. I know the recovery from a EMCS was really horrible last time. Not sure how I will manage with a nearly three year old as well. But recovery from an elective is supposed to be better? I'm going round in circles. Can anyone predict the future for me?

PumpkinPie2013 Wed 26-Feb-14 09:14:13

Sorry to hear you had a bad time with dc1 sad

Sounds similar to my birth with dc1. He was 9lb 6oz and I'm a tiny 5ft 2in tall and a size 6/8 shock I ended up with an emcs too.

It's difficult to predict what will happen for you this time but can you talk it through again with the consultant?

How would you feel about having an elcs?

Has someone been through your first birth notes with you?

I believe (and I may well be wrong here so ask your consultant) that recovery from an elcs is easier than recovery from an emcs because you haven't laboured for hours and the uterus isn't contracting. Plus an elcs is a much calmer experience as there isn't the same rush to get baby out.

If you did have an elcs can you arrange support for a couple of weeks after to help with your 3 year old? Does your dc1 go to nursery? Do you have any friends/relatives to help?

I hope you manage to make a plan you're happy with and have a good experience this time smile

I'm waiting for a letter for a debrief with a consultant and will be asking for it to be noted that next time I will be having an elcs as I can't face trying for a vaginal delivery after such a bad experience last time sad I'll put it on the front page of the local paper if I have to lol smile

Very good luck with the rest of your pregnancy and your new baby xx

mrsravelstein Wed 26-Feb-14 09:21:04

every doctor will tell you something different, none of them can really predict what will happen, and the guidelines on vbac/elcs have changed several times in the years i've given birth.

i had emcs with ds1&2. was advised against vbac with ds2 because of previous cs. went for vbac but it didn't work out, ds2 was 9lb 6oz, back to back and got stuck in transverse arrest .

then dc3 i was advised that despite 2 previous emcs, and 2 very large babies (and i'm 5'2" and a size 8 so pretty small) i shoudl definitely go for vbac. in the end i opted for elcs purely because the consultant offered to tidy up the botched X scar i had from previous emcs. dd was 6lbs, and the midwife said "you could have delivered her easily!", yep, thanks for that.

i think you've just got to go with your gut instinct. if trying vbac is important to you, then try it, and if it doesn't work out, you have another emcs but at least 2nd time round you know what to expect. if it's not important to you, book the elcs.

TuttiFrutti Thu 27-Feb-14 22:20:26

An elcs is MUCH easier to recover from than an emcs. I've had both, and they were totally different.

With the emcs, I couldn't get out of bed for most of the next day and needed morphine for the pain, and it took me months for my body to recover.

On the other hand, I can remember feeling shocked after the elcs that I could wiggle my toes in the recovery room straight after the operation- they had given me just enough anaesthetic to get through the operation, whereas I had had epidurals with countless top-ups during my long labour before the emcs. I had the elcs late evening, and was up and about the next morning. The painkillers given to me: paracetamol!

This won't be the only factor, but just be aware that the two experiences are very different.

Meglet Thu 27-Feb-14 22:24:13

My ELCS was a far easier experience than my EMCS. I did rest a lot more after my ELCS though (DS was only 2 so we didn't have school or pre-school runs to worry about).

MrsCDNinUK Fri 28-Feb-14 05:45:34

I never had a EMCS but have had two ELCS (with #3 coming in 5 days). I have to say that the recovery from my two c/s have been quite easy (they were 16 months apart). Pain level was always highest about 36 hours after but recovery really wasn't a big deal at all and my experiences with ELCS have been very positive and relaxed. GL!

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