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Worst birth experience ever at Ealing Hospital!

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Sarugi Tue 25-Feb-14 21:25:50

I fought I will leave my comments and experience about my labour at Ealing hospital!
I think everyone need think before choosing Ealing hospital as their birth as the hospital made several mistakes during my labour and put my son in risk of surviving.

I went in to the labour ward at 11am on 01/01/2014, yes that's new year at 11pm. But as I wasn't dilated more than 1cm she send me back home and got told to come back when my pain was more frequent and my waters haven't broken at this stage. I went back home and was in bad pain for hours I couldn't sleep and suddenly I felt a splash on my nickers at 4am and I was unsure if it was my waters! Within in minutes my pain was more frequent and at 7am I was screaming and my partner took me to the hospital as my contractions were every 2-3 mins! As I got to the hospital this midwife at triage said she doesn't think my waters have gone without examining me then she examined me and said she can't see any water!! And said I'm just 2cm and to come back when my pain is more frequent! My partner said no I'm not taking her home her pains every 2-3 mins how frequent do you want it to be?? The midwife didn't make sense! Then she went and came
Back and said I have two options: 1) go home and come back or 2) get admitted and monitored. My partner and me decided to stay as she didn't make no sense with the first option! I got admitted and I was in so much of pain that I couldn't even walk. I got into the bed and I was screaming I was in pain and they have me gas and air. My partner left to get me some food, and then another midwife came and examined me this was within the 15mins.. The midwife goes how I am 7cm, the previous one didn't even examine me properly! She said I was 1cm and can't see much waters! I was taken into labour room straightway Andy partner came and was shocked! The midwives have to put more time and effort into their job and do it properly! I was 7 cm in constant pain, I had another two midwives with me at my labour :. There main midwives who was there wasn't making me feel uncomfortable didn't let me change positions in order to push the baby out and she was swearing at me and very horrible! The other midwife was just an student I can't blame her for anything! Finally she goes how she is going to cut me to my partner my partner said no because I was able to push my son out. They left it so long and made me uncomfortable !! Midwives pressed the urgent emergency button and when they doctors and loads of other midwives stormed into the room! When the doctor came the midwives goes I'm going to ask u something! The doctor pushed every and came and just pulled my son out! My son was too tired and didn't breathe after coming my out took a good 10 mins and thank god he cried. He was so tired and I lost soo much blood!
I had a horrible experience and thank god to the doctor I have my babyboy now! But the midwives need to be more nice and do their job properly! It's about bringing a life into the world if u find ur work stressful don't do the job! I did have an option of going to a different hospital but at the last minute my husband had to go to Ealing.

Funnyfoot Tue 25-Feb-14 21:35:13

I would advise you complain through the proper channels if you had a terrible experience. Especially if a midwife swore at you.
I am unable to relate as at all 3 of my births I was looked after by over worked but very friendly and supportive midwives.

Funnyfoot Tue 25-Feb-14 21:38:16


ethelb Tue 25-Feb-14 21:43:26

You need to have this investigated vi official channels

GTbaby Tue 25-Feb-14 21:46:16

I didn't enjoy Ealing. More for aftercare. Was discouraged from bf 5hours after birth. Told baby would end up in intensive care, despite being an above average weight.
All mw very busy. Had to stay an extra night purely because no one had time to discharge me!

Cariad007 Wed 26-Feb-14 10:30:53

A friend had a baby there in 2006 and it sounded horrendous - she was given the wrong dose of syntocinon, it ended in an EMCS where they didn't give her enough anaesthetic so she felt the scalpel blade (they then topped it up) and after they sewed her up they came around to say that they were going to recount the instruments as they thought they might've left one inside her! Fortunately they hadn't but it left her and her husband traumatised for ages, and when they decided to have a second baby she chose a very calm ELCS at a different hospital.

squizita Wed 26-Feb-14 13:28:32

sad This sounds so rude and neglectful it must have been awful for you. Cannot believe the swearing (well, I can - when I was having a miscarriage there a nurse snottily told me off for "swanning in here demanding a blood test" when I was wheeled in for a blood test following ERPC complications). Why do people become medics if they're so rude with others when they're vulnurable? sad

Unfortunately I have heard similar birth stories from RL friends too. I told my GP I want St Marys (I know the buildings are old and the wards noisy/crowded, but was put off Ealing for more scary reasons than needing earplugs). Having heard this I'm glad I chose that.

Loopylouu Thu 27-Feb-14 23:14:47

Ealing is my nearest hospital, but even my GP told me to avoid it like the plauge. I am booked into St.Marys now, It's supposed to be a lot better, although I have still heard bad things, just not as bad as Ealing.

I'm so sorry you had such an awful time.

squizita Fri 28-Feb-14 07:50:22

LoupyLouu From my research St Mary's is very busy and the building is old/crumbly (have been there, it is!). However in terms of Drs and Midwives they have some of the top ones who also do private care (I am with them because I need very specific care) and they get a lot of the high risk births as a result.

There may be some agency staff etc' too, but FX we get the good ones!

Loopylouu Fri 28-Feb-14 10:23:32

Yes, I went to St Mary's purely as the consultant I was looking into booking privatly said she would see me there on the nhs instead. Care has been good so far.

Cyclebump Mon 03-Mar-14 09:40:41

I had a great birth at Ealing but bad aftercare. I complained and to a two page apology and explanation. I am having DC2 there as we live next o it, miles from anywhere else and can't drive.

Please complain, if people don't point out problems, nothing will ever change x

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