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Embarrassing: What is ettiquette re grooming of lady garden?

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sunnyside Wed 09-Aug-06 15:31:35

I know I sound bonkers but when it comes to giving birth what sort of state should my lady garden be in?! Don't want to look like I don't pay it any attention like some hairy earth mama but equally don't want to give it full strim and look like I'm prepubescent!!!!

I've asked my friends but basically we all end up screaming laughing and not really getting a straight answer!

ZippiZapata Wed 09-Aug-06 15:32:25

what's wrong with paying it no attention?

bundle Wed 09-Aug-06 15:33:26

er, it's not a beauty contest you know sunny! Personally I didn't bother, but my ladygarden did get some attention from midwives during labour as I had to have caesareans...

MrsBadger Wed 09-Aug-06 15:33:53

tbh if you're giving birth I'm not sure there's anything to look like other than a mama!

But seriously - postnatal stubble? do you want to even go there? I suggest minor trim of length to prevent yeti look but no edge-neatening.

hairymclary Wed 09-Aug-06 15:34:19

ok well whn you're so big that you can't even see what pants you're wearing the chances of trimming your ladygarden is pretty much nil.
Midwives see them every single day. Many of them. Please don't worry. I think the majority of women are totaly au natural when it comes to labour, unless they get someone to trim it for them

JessaFreedomFighter Wed 09-Aug-06 15:34:23

How about a compromise...
trim around the edges to avoid pant moustache/beard!

alexsmilitantmum Wed 09-Aug-06 15:34:24

i paid mine no attetion midwife is going to be looking at your pubic hair thinking'what aslattern-her pubes aren't trimmed into a flower shape' or whatever.
seriously.forge abou tit!

Bozza Wed 09-Aug-06 15:35:18

I couldn't be bothered with it at all during pg TBH but towards the end I think DH trimmed it with clippers just for hygiene purposes - ie easier to clean the gunk out of. Sorry for TMI. Was not bothered for vanity at all.

alexsmilitantmum Wed 09-Aug-06 15:35:32

i paid mine no attetion midwife is going to be looking at your pubic hair thinking'what aslattern-her pubes aren't trimmed into a flower shape' or whatever.
seriously.forge abou tit!

sunnyside Wed 09-Aug-06 15:36:00

point taken about beauty contest but I'm convinced everyone else knows how to tend there's and I do little with mine!!!!

This is a light hearted q but is there an answer?

stitch Wed 09-Aug-06 15:36:19

do what you normally do.
obvioulsy cleanliness is important. but thats about it really. i had a wax done before my younger two were due, but then i normally like it waxed. you may not want any shaving stubble, but equally you dont want excess length whilst bleeding afterwards.

heavenis Wed 09-Aug-06 15:40:31

I don't think they state of your lady garden is heigh on MW list of priorities at times of examination and delivery.
As they say : Leave your dignity at the door and pick it up again on your way out.

sunnyside Wed 09-Aug-06 15:40:38

pmsl! I think I'm ok on cleanliness front but thanks for tips!!!!

ZippiZapata Wed 09-Aug-06 15:41:41

drying with a hairdrier after the event is useful

JessaFreedomFighter Wed 09-Aug-06 15:42:37

dammit heavenis! I was supposed to pick it back up?????!!!!!

foxinsocks Wed 09-Aug-06 15:43:45

I noticed with baby no.1 that the two midwives definitely stared at my ladygarden (one noticeably so and when I noticed her staring, she shut her mouth quickly and looked embarrassed!). The one that was really staring was a trainee so maybe she was only just getting used to seeing so many vaginas . I only really remembered after giving birth because at the time, I was focused on other things!

I would give it a trim - I didn't trim mine at all (just couldn't be bothered) and it had obviously grown more than I had thought !!

heavenis Wed 09-Aug-06 15:44:42

They told me when I had ds1 by emergency c- section. They must have already thought I'd left it.

sunnyside Wed 09-Aug-06 15:53:21

Thanks Foxin! I knew that there would be some sort of boundary!!! This comes from me once being v ill in hosp and later my sis taking the mickey out of me and saying that She'd caught an unexpected glimpse of mine and that it's a good job she knew I'd been too ill to tend it! That opened up all kinds of wonderings about what it should look like! men and women have same expextations? I'd prefer not to experience any staring!

legophobe Wed 09-Aug-06 15:53:21

I think midwives have other things to worry about. When I had ds3, the midwife yelled push, and I did, and there was a sort of explosion of amniotic fluid all over her .

Before ds2 I had a wax. Couldn't see it, so the beautician showed me with a magnifying mirror. YUK YUK YUK!! Don't do that

sunnyside Wed 09-Aug-06 15:54:57

Ha! I suppose amniotic fluid would divert from any judgement making!

foxinsocks Wed 09-Aug-06 15:58:08

I don't know - I am lucky in that I'm blonde and have very fine hair anyway (so quite hard to see hair on my legs, arms anyway) so I get away with not shaving v often aswell so I forget about my ladygarden (and then have a panic when I've got to the pool and have to get changed!).

I would just cut the hair so it didn't hang below (iyswim).

andreax Wed 09-Aug-06 15:59:00

dear all, have never used this site before, and only logged on following the unmentionable on the news. This has always been one of those questions that i have always wondered. I didn't mow any lawns prior to my 1st child. Thought did crossmy mind but thought that I wouldn;'t be able to see exactly what I was mowing so may do myself an injury..... did however make my husband shave my legs during early labour.

FioFio Wed 09-Aug-06 15:59:43

Message withdrawn

ZippiZapata Wed 09-Aug-06 16:01:04

must be my Mexican blood..I only ever once paid my "ladygarden" any intention when I was about 14 and shvaed and cut it all off very short never had any thing done to it since..never occurred to me for any reason

foxinsocks Wed 09-Aug-06 16:02:50

lol fio

andreax, that is true womanly devotion (shaving during labour) - I'm not sure I'd let dh near my legs with a razor given what his face looks like once he's finished with it

honestly though, first time round I was far more worried by the pain of birth than the state of my pubes

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