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Induced and terrified

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bankie123 Sun 23-Feb-14 06:15:41

I'm being induced tomorrow and I will be 38+6. I'm worried. It's my first baby and really don't want a long drawn out labour but especially don't want forceps etc. I was hoping for some good induction stories and advice on how I can strongly say no to forceps delivery. I'd rather have a c section but always feel doctors know best.

All advice welcome.

redcaryellowcar Sun 23-Feb-14 06:24:55

i was induced, managed with gas and air and a shot of diamorphine. it wasn't comfortable but i don't think childbirth is?
ds was ventoused out and whilst the whole induction followed by ventouse was far from my plan A, it was ok and by the time they suggested ventouse i was just pleased they were keeping him safe.
i would discuss your concerns with mw. and maybe note on your birthplan, but i think you'll be surprised how birth probably rarely works out how you planned it, but outcome and maybe end result is the same!

CheerfulYank Sun 23-Feb-14 06:26:54

I had my water broken with both of mine and then some pitocin with DD. I'm still here! smile

It is very scary though, I completely understand. But I promise you will surprise are much stronger than you think.

Re the forceps, I discussed it with my doctor beforehand and said absolutely no and no episiotomy. They used a vacuum on DD. I would just make it clear when you go in.

TobyLerone Sun 23-Feb-14 06:49:45

I've had 3dc, all induced (2 with the drip, 1 by breaking my waters). I've never had any kind of assisted delivery.

If you have the drip, don't be afraid to ask for an epidural before they start it, if you want one. The contractions the drip produces felt very painful and unnatural to me, but the epidural soon fixed that!
That said, though, my sister had a drip induction with only gas and air. We're all different smile

My last induction was actually amazing. My waters broke at home at 40+2, but I never progressed past 3cm in the following 24hrs, despite regular agonising contractions. 28hrs after my waters broke, they put me on the drip. I was 3cm then. I had the most fantastic mobile epidural (I could still walk, feel the contractions, go to the loo etc but it took the edge off) and 4hrs later I was fully dilated. We waited an hour or so for her head to come down by itself, until the urge to push became irresistible.
DD was born with me kneeling over the back of the bed, in about 5 easy pushes. It was great, although long (waters broke 3.30am Tues, DD born 11.30am Weds). But most of that time was just my body being generally crap at labour. I've never got past 3cm by myself. The induction was the easy part!

Good luck! You'll soon have a lovely snuggly newborn on your chest, making long posts like this take hours to write (thanks, DD!) grin

bankie123 Sun 23-Feb-14 07:09:14

Thanks for the reassurance. Part of my worry is I may not be able to get an epidural as I have low platelets so worried about the drip and thick and fast contractions. Is it possible to refuse drip and ask for c section???

littlebluedog12 Sun 23-Feb-14 07:22:40

I had an induction- all I needed was the gel to start me off then after that it progressed like a normal birth and I only needed gas and air. Remember you only hear the horror stories!

I would ask the midwife about the epidural before they start things off if you are worried. Good luck!

Ericadm Sun 23-Feb-14 10:56:23

I had two inductions for the same reason (water broke but no contractions). First was very painful, I had an epidural, and ended up with forceps and third degree tear. Second time around the pain was much more managable, I did the whole labour only with tens machine and gas and air. I actually enjoyed it, weird as it may sound. I ended up with forceps again as baby was distressed despite discussing it at lenght with staff in advance and explaining that I really did not want forceps again and preferred EMCS if neccessary. They told me the baby was too low and section would have been risky for both me and baby. With hindsight I am glad I had forceps again, as this time I did not tear and recovery was much quicker than first time. So from mine experience, not all inductions are horrible and painful, and not all forceps delivery end up in bad tears. Ask them to start the drip at very low dose and increase it very very slowly and try and stay positive.

djs4mmj Sun 23-Feb-14 13:50:34

I was induced as I was overdue anyway and starting with pre eclampsia.
I was sent up to the maternity unit by my midwife as she was concerned so i was monitored for a bit, then the dr came round and said she wanted me to be induced earlier. Which ended up being that very afternoon!
I went and got some lunch with my husband and went back up after. I had the propess pessary fitted which was a bit uncomfy but it was okay. This was at 3pm. By 7pm my contractions had started off. I didnt sleep at all that night as the pain was getting worse and more frequent. I had a pethodine injection which did absolutely nothing.
8am the next morning when my husband and mum arrived it was super painful. At 10.30am my waters broke. I went from 3cm to 6cm within 1 hour and then 6cm to 10cm half a hour after that! I tried gas and air but didnt like it so did it all without pain relief. My daughter was then born at 1.50pm smile
Being induced is no where near as bad as what i thought smile

StripeyOrangeTrousers Sun 23-Feb-14 19:39:52

I was induced at 37 weeks with DD (15 months ago). I was scared too but it really wasn't that bad! It took two lots of gel to get labour started but once it did get going it was over in about 7 hours. I didn't need the drip; had an epidural which was great (when they got it to work); and ended up with a ventouse delivery - like redcar this wasn't something I'd have wished for but it was actually fine and I was also just glad they were taking care of my baby. You can refuse the drip and/or forceps - you can refuse any intervention. Best to discuss in advance, as suggested.
Good luck!

lookingfoxy Sun 23-Feb-14 22:31:51

I was induced with dc2, I found it much better than my 'natural' first labour.
The contractions weren't any more painful and labour was quicker, I felt more in control and apositive experience.

lookingfoxy Sun 23-Feb-14 22:35:19

Oh and I was terrified at the thought of induction as well, I had a major meltdown with the consultant the day before but she was great and totally reassured me inbetween my ranting and tears!!

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