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Gest. Diabetes- big baby- when did you give birth?

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Rosduk Thu 20-Feb-14 04:52:45

Currently 27 weeks and the baby is 3 weeks big. I was just wondering if you had a big baby whether you went to term or if you had the baby early.
I'm hoping to control my levels with diet and exercise and the bub doesn't get too much bigger but am nervous they will tell me to have the baby earlier if he's huge!

blondefriend Fri 21-Feb-14 17:11:50

I didn't have GD but my baby was big due to insulin problems (which may be the same with yours). I was induced only a week early and had a vaginal delivery (9lb 10oz) but I know others with the same condition who had to be induced up to 5 weeks early. One of my close friends had her boy at 36 weeks (induced followed by ECS) and he was 9lb 6oz. I hope his growth slows down and yo will be able to have him naturally but if not it doesn't stop you having a perfectly healthy baby at the end. x

LadyGoneGaga Fri 21-Feb-14 19:59:36

I had GD last time around, measured big and she was big on the growth scan. Was managed with diet, blood sugars reasonably well controlled. They said they wouldn't let me go overdue so was booked for induction on my due date. She was born vaginally after a straightforward labour weighing 9lb 8oz.

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