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24 hour induction pessary

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Pinkbell123 Sat 15-Feb-14 12:17:15

I'm due to be induced on Monday and baby doesn't look like he'll be making an appearance before so guess I need to know what to expect.

What does the 24 hour pessary involve? Do I stay in the whole time it's in? Can I stay active or am I on monitors the whole time? How long does it take to work (I had a sweep on Monday and was 2cm and have had period like cramps and lots of Braxton hicks over the past few days)?

Tell me your stories smile

onenutshortofasnickers Sat 15-Feb-14 14:02:45

hi I had a failed induction not last wednesday but the wednesday before. (this is my 2nd)

basically the put the 24 hr pessary in, it looks like a long paper sperm and goes in like a tampon and they take it out after 24hrs, you have to go on the heartbeat monitors every 4hrs for about 20mins but you can stay active and walk around.

after this (if not in labour,)they will examine you to see how you are and probably will put the 2nd pessary in that stays in for 6hrs but dissolves on kts own and is like a tablet I think, you have to stay on your bed for an hour so that it doesnt fall out but then you can move around again, also you have the same monitoring with the heartbeat for baby but for the first 2hrs of this they will want to do your bp every half hr.

During your stsy they will keep intermittently doing yours obs though and take your temperature.

After this (if you haven't gone into labour, ) they will check you again and if you are about 3/4cms they will break your waters and give you so long, I think 2hrs; to start contacting, otherwise you will be hooked into the hormone drip- however they might just give you the 6hr pessary again, after a few hrs break.

I had all that but then had the 6hr pessary in again once more but it didnt really work, so they sent me home for rest days and are waiting fof my cervix to become more favorable before trying again to reduce the risk of c-section, apparently its very rare to still be pregnant! I've also been having two sweeps a week from just under 37weeks and they tried to induce me at 37weeks which is early for induction, I only managed to get to 1cm! But im an awkward and unusual case!

You can have pain relief if you need it, just ask and they will be more than happy to give you it and you can walk around as much as you like. When the first pessary is in (the 24hr one) you can bath with it in which is good for the pain. I found the pain to be in my bumcheeks and on my pelvic bone; felt very much like period pain for me; there were times it progressed but then it suddenly stopped!

hope that helps and good luck!

flowerpotgirl12 Sun 16-Feb-14 14:19:21

My waters broke naturally at 36 weeks but labour didn't start, so I had a pessary, it was a gel they inserted up at the cervixs, I was told to stay active and walk about, bounce on ball to let gravity help the process, I was kept in but I had to be as considered prem. after 12 hrs they reexamined me and no difference so was booked to have the drip induction the next day, however labour kicked in over night. I had no pain before natural labour started. Good luck x

patsy375 Sun 16-Feb-14 14:38:00

If your cervix was 2cms dilated and you've been having some pains there's a good chance you'll go into labour on your own.
If not then they will hopefully be able to break your waters and start you that way.
24 hour pessary tends to be for closed or 'unfavourable' cervix.
Good luck smile

Pinkbell123 Sun 16-Feb-14 16:47:00

Baby looks to be hanging in there so pretty sure we'll be going for the induction in the morning.

So if you're already a bit dilated do they just break the waters and let things take their course? That would be good.

Getting nervous now!!

patsy375 Sun 16-Feb-14 17:26:10

They definitely do that at my hospital pink.
I've been induced 3x shock
The last 2x I was 2cms dilated when I went in so just had waters broken. That was enough on its own for Ds2 but needed the hormone drip too with Ds3.
Good luck tomorrowsmile

Pinkbell123 Sun 16-Feb-14 19:45:14

Thanks. Fingers crossed it's quick!

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