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Overly personal query - don't know who else to ask! (tmi alert)

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lollycheeks Thu 13-Feb-14 13:04:38

Ok... I'm sorry but I need to ask someone and wanted to do it anonymously before going to my gp!
I had a very long, hard labour and during it I got some haemorrhoids, which I think is quite normal. One year later everything's healed but I still seem to have them!!! They don't hurt but are still obviously there, iyswim.
Has anyone heard of such a thing? How do I get it fixed?
It's making me feel awful and self-conscious about sex and my body in general, and I don't even really dare to talk to the doctor.
Any advice appreciated.

ExBrightonBell Thu 13-Feb-14 13:07:54

Not had this myself, but I do know they can be treated to reduce/remove them. You can get over the counter stuff from a pharmacy, or if it is beyond that point then you will need to summon up the courage to go to the GP! You don't have to suffer in silence.

eltsihT Thu 13-Feb-14 13:15:21

I developed 1 external pile during pregnancy with ds1. Saw the GP who gave me some anusol suppositories and cream. I used these till it withered away into a skin tag.

Went to see a specialised who advised I live with the skin tag as the removal would likely leave lasting pain rather than the slight annoyance it is atm.

Pile came back when pregnant with ds2 and 8 months on it is still flaring up occasionally. Sort of hoping eventually shrivel up again, but I have anusol on repeat so not too worries about it.

Definitely go to the GP, and see what they say I think it's pretty common to get them in pregnancy. My dh knows I am embarrassed about it and totally ignores it. I was very embarrassed about it to start with but now secretly hope it will start to predict the weather or itch when someone is lying like they seam to in books!

glorious Thu 13-Feb-14 13:19:59

I have the same problem and had a similar labour by the sounds of it. I'm sorry it is making you feel so low, I would definitely see the GP in that case. They really have seen it all before and I'm sure they can help.

I haven't got mine checked because it doesn't bother me but that's not to say it shouldn't bother you, I'm just a bit slummy! thanks

JustJingle Thu 13-Feb-14 13:29:02

I had them after my first baby, they didn't hurt at all but would bleed occasionally. They bugged my but for some reason I didn't do anything about it. Eventually I mentioned them to my DC (overseas and private) and I had the removed at hospital the next week! I was so glad I did as the bleeding could be irritating and I just didn't like 'them'. I was a bit sore afterwards and really wished I had sorted them out as soon as I had finished having babies.

It's a really really common operation. I told people that I was having an op 'down there' and got lots of sympathetic knowing smiles grin

It's a very minor routine operation.

Magix Thu 13-Feb-14 13:34:51

I have the same problem . Ds is 15mo and although I had a very short labour , he was 10lbs so I think that's the contributing factor . Mine is quite sore when I go to the loo and bleeds . I daren't tell anyone blush only dh but I've sort of played it down . Doesn't help that I've got recurring thrush as well , I'm just falling apart down there confusedblushblush

Sorry no advice just wanted to sympathise smile

Magix Thu 13-Feb-14 13:35:39

Those of you have have told your go , did you have to show then ???shock

Madonnaquintessential Thu 13-Feb-14 21:54:57

You dont have do show it! I didnt. They just give you cream. It really is no biggy smile

MichaelFinnigan Thu 13-Feb-14 22:02:33

justjingle was it a haemorroidectomy you had?

I had four large ones removed. The pain was unimaginable and I needed a month off work

They've come back. I can't go through that again

Just wondering if there's an alternative procedure that isn't so cripplingly painful

JustJingle Thu 13-Feb-14 22:11:12

I had to show everything .blush confused It was hideously embarrassing fine and I hated every second didn't mind at all. The doctor was very professional but I changed surgeries and moved house so I will never have to risk seeing him ever again grin

I am only joking, it was fine. After 4 births I have no modesty. I would wholeheartedly recommend getting them sorted if they cause you problems. Mine weren't even painful or uncomfortable but the bleeding and 'thought' of them was bad enough.

firsttimemama Thu 13-Feb-14 22:19:55

I had 3 terrible external piles after DC2 - I had to go to casualty with them. They shrunk but have left 3 small skin tags. I don't spend too much time looking at my at them. I prefer them not to be there but so be it.

babyheaves Thu 13-Feb-14 22:20:01

I've still got them years later. Bah.

JustJingle Thu 13-Feb-14 22:22:48

Yes it was a haemorroidectomy. It was very uncomfortable for a few days but it was not too bad at all. I took painkillers for a good few days and I was terrified the first time I went to the bathroom but it was ok. I also took stool softeners for a number of days. I can't remember how long but it could have been a week. Mine haven't come back. I was up and walking about the day after the operation although I imagine I was waddling a bit. confused

Maybe it depends on how big they are or maybe it's just one of those things - different people find different things painful. I had big tears when I had my ginormous DCs but the tears never caused me much pain and they always healed well.

brettgirl2 Fri 14-Feb-14 13:09:49

I have them but they don't really cause me any issues so I will leave them until they do. My dad had some removed (nothing to do with childbirth! grin ) and they came back and caused issues anyway.

Izzyalex Sat 15-Feb-14 10:09:16

I got them with dd1 and they never really went away (she's 8 now!)
At 38+4 they are no more problematic than they were when I wasn't pregnant but I do think I may get them sorted after the birth (not straight away!!!).
They can be painful and irritating but usually the cream you buy at the pharmacy resolves it - push them back in!!
You can get a stronger cream / suppository from your GP if the OTC stuff doesn't work, midwife may be able to arrange prescription and you shouldn't have to show them anything.
Don't be embarrassed - GPs and nurses and midwives see all sorts of stuff - they don't care, it's part of their job and it's not like piles are something you have caused yourself.

Ginplease Sat 15-Feb-14 18:13:37

Hi, after struggling with them and not seeing improvement with creams after my first child I spoke with my GP who didn't ask to see them but referred me to a specialist who did looked and offered banding the same day. It was embarrassing but glad to only show once and get treatment so not have to go through the embarrassment again. He warned I might need 3 treatments. I had 2. The procedure didn't hurst but the pain for the 48 hours after treatment was terrible. That stopped me going back for a third which might have helped. I was great feeding though so could only have paracetamol. Stronger painkillers would have been good.

They have flaired up as I am pregnant again but I'm not sure I'd do banding again. I will be asking my go about different treatments though.

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