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37.6 weeks with first baby, would like water labour/birth but not sure what to expect??

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firsttimemummy22 Thu 13-Feb-14 09:08:54

Im 37.6 weeks with my first and have been considering a water birth but have no idea what to expect as ive not been able to make it to any of the classes. Might sound stupid but is it possible to stay partially clothed, e.g. birthing t-shirt when in the water? Loose enough dignity as it was hoping tto maybe retain some although im sure I wont care once im there!! Can anyone give me any info on past water birth experiences?? Thanks :-)

Confitdecanard Thu 13-Feb-14 09:16:37

I had a water birth with my first. It was a positive experience in that it definitely helped more than I could believe with the pain. So much so that I can't now imagine giving birth "on dry land".

I didn't wear anything in the pool (I was high on gas and air when I got in, my inhibitions were pretty much none existent). There is no reason not to wear a vest top though. I took a tankini top but it stayed in my bag!

How many pools does your hospital have? My only concern this time around (an also 37 weeks) is that there won't be a pool free. I'm trying not to pin my hopes on a water birth incase the pool is busy or there is a medical reason not to. Definitely plan for a water birth but don't be too rigid in your plans, births rarely go according to your plan.

Pascha Thu 13-Feb-14 09:23:26

I wore a t-shirt - the same one I gave birth to DS1 (on dry land) in. You don't have to. You can wear what you like on top. Bikini top, vest, tshirt, anything.

You will find when you are in the water that it conceals lots anyway so you might not feel so inhibited after you've been in for a few minutes. The contractions take away your focus from anything else anyway.

I found I was much more in control in the water. The midwives do ask you to get out if they need to examine you and I really noticed much more pain out of the water, it just melted away as soon as I was back in. I needed gas & air as the contractions built up but once I was ready to push I had no need of it at all. Just turned over and let my body take over.

I would have another water birth like a shot if there were ever to be a third baby.

firsttimemummy22 Thu 13-Feb-14 09:34:42

Oh didn't think of a tankini top good idea! Thank you both, I think it only has the one pool so like you I wont be pinning my hopes on just that one idea although I would love the experience. The room that the pool is in is so much more calm and relaxing looking than the sterile labour rooms as well!

Frizz1986 Thu 13-Feb-14 14:37:25

I had my first 7 weeks ago in the pool and it was as good as labour can be (i think, having only gone through it once)
My inhibitions went straight out the window and i was naked in the pool. In all honesty i couldnt bare anything touching my skin to the point that i yelled at hubby not to touch me (i have heard its quite common)
I dont know what it did for the pain but it def made me more relaxed. I was able to labour on all fours and felt less restricted. It was almost a weightless sensation and the water is all warm.
I couldnt imagine giving birth led down on a hospital bed.

If there is only 1 pool, mention that you want a water birth when you call up in labour to tell them you are on your way (if you remember through the contrations) It will mean that if the room is free they know you want it before you arrive.

lanbro Thu 13-Feb-14 14:57:33

I've had 1 and a half water births! Dd1 was actually born in the pool, with dd2 she was coming so quickly that her heart rate dropped so I had to be hoisted out. I did both with just gas and air; I really think the water helped with the pain. I didn't wear anything either time, and didn't have to get out to be examined as they had waterproof monitors.

I would recommend, if I was planning a third I would definitely go for another water birth!

Izzyalex Sat 15-Feb-14 10:24:06

I am having a home birth and have borrowed a blow-up pool from the community midwives (with single-use liner!) which came yesterday. Can't wait after all these great stories!

Good luck xx

Pascha Sat 15-Feb-14 12:05:23

Mine was blow up too, Izzy. It was lovely! Please please please do a test run to find out how long to inflate and how long to fill. Ours took just over an hour to fill it. Also its much easier to cool it down from too hot, than try to heat it up from too cold. Aim for about 40° and cool it from there.

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