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2nd baby induction after hyperstimulation with 1st

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2ndBubba Wed 12-Feb-14 09:41:54

I was induced with my ds & given the pessary which resulted in uterine hyperstimulation (that wasn't picked up for over 12 hours!!) it was awful & my ds was in a lot of distress. I'm now 37 + 5 with ds2 & am really concerned about another potential induction. My midwife has said she will see me at 39+3 & give me a sweep each week until 41 +3 to try & get things moving but I was wondering how successful sweeps with 2nd babies are? Also has anyone been induced after being hyperstimulated & how was it done. My midwife said they would still induce me the same way as it may not happen again but I don't see why they would risk it again?

FlipFantasia Wed 12-Feb-14 10:52:14

I also hyperstimulated after one pessary - picked up immediately as I literally went from nothing to a continuous contraction in about 15 min! Induced at 42 weeks.

There was no way I would be induced again second time around (was aiming for a vbac though, so they couldn't have used the pessary on me again). Was paranoid that I wouldn't go into labour naturally.

I took evening primrose oil, orally and vaginally. Did lots of bouncing on ball to get the baby into a good position. Went for long walks with my DS in his pushchair. And agreed to my first sweep on my due date (just the way my appointment happened to fall).

It was a good sweep but I didn't have high hopes - I'd had 3 sweeps with DS to no avail! Started having a show the next morning. Went to my regular yoga class anyway. Then started feeling funny in the afternoon, turned into labour after my toddler went to bed. My dd was born the next morning - a vbac and a good experience (even though there was some foetal distress too).

I was contracting like mad though, from quite early in labour. As in, went to hospital at 5/6 contractions in 10 mins and was only 1-2cm! Nearly cried! But then progressed to 10cm in an hour and a half, contracting madly all the time (hence the foetal distress).

My unscientific theory is that that's how I contract/labour - as in loads of contractions - which leads to meconium in the waters, foetal distress, etc. I think it explains why I hyperstimulated immediately first time around. No doctor or hcp has confirmed this - just my hunch!

But a sweep really helped me and I'd consider it again (early stages of pregnancy with dc3).

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