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Tips to bring on labour - what worked for you?

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trix1 Sat 05-Aug-06 14:31:48

Did sex work for anyone? if so how long before labour started? Any other tips welcomed?

pucca Sat 05-Aug-06 14:35:34

A longggggg walk lol, that is what got me going with my dd (waters went that night)

southeastastra Sat 05-Aug-06 14:37:14

walking and cream cakes!

trix1 Sat 05-Aug-06 14:48:37

I have not got the energy for a long walk

strongmints Sat 05-Aug-06 14:52:34

sorry trix- i think walkin gis the way to go - def worked for three of mine - 4th stubbornly refused to go anywhere!! also had sex as much as i could muster the energy for, drank reapberry leaf tea, ate curries..and anything else I could think of i am not a patient woman....when are/were you due?

trix1 Sat 05-Aug-06 15:04:20

Im almost 39 weeks, I should be more patient I know, but Ive had enough. Plus I had my ds at 37 weeks so I expected the same this time.

juuule Sat 05-Aug-06 15:08:01

Unfortunately - nothing and I think I tried everything. All of mine were overdue. 2 of them were induced at 42w.

HJ06 Sat 05-Aug-06 15:17:39

went for an hour long walk up and down hill, started 7 hours later with a 6 hour labour (1st baby), although didnt think i was for the first hour.

Eeek Sat 05-Aug-06 15:24:01

a glass of champagne and a party. Honestly!

MrsApronstrings Sat 05-Aug-06 15:44:03

eeek - what a pleasant way to go!

trix1 Sat 05-Aug-06 17:31:35

Ive got the castor oil - just dont know if I am brave enough to take it.

LucyJones Sat 05-Aug-06 17:32:53

gin and tonic and a long walk

psychomum5 Sat 05-Aug-06 17:39:21

caster oil worked for me with my first, but not with any of the others!!!

am guessing that she was just meant to come that day anyway, and tis the only reason it seemed to work...she was 10 days over after all!!!

all the other were induced on or before dates tho because of health issues, and I always tried the caster oil the day before in hope that I would be able to forgoe the internal ect to start me off.....never worked tho....HoHum...

friends tho have tried the pinapple method, thats worked for two. another bounced on a trampoline and her waters that's a fun one to try.

sex is supposed to work, but in all honesty altho we tried (and it didn't work for us), it felt for us both as tho I was just being 'serviced'....not really the best way to make you feel sexy when you already feel like the side of a house!!!!

ooh, and another friend had a hot curry, threw up and as she did so her waters went, so for her the curry method worked.

am guessing tho in all honesty that baby will come when meant to and not a moment before!

Jazzi Sat 05-Aug-06 18:10:05

I tried the sex but didn't work, and was bloody uncomfortable!!! I found a walk and a vegetable chilli!!! Hope that helps.

Toady Sat 05-Aug-06 18:11:59

raspberry leaf tea
getting on your hands and knees and scrubbing the floor
not worrying about it - you have still got three weeks to go before you are overdue

cazboldy Sat 05-Aug-06 18:28:48

plan something important that you really want to do before the baby comes and he/she is sure to make an appearance on that day!

cazwaz247 Sat 05-Aug-06 19:05:30

Rasberry leaf tea worked for me, started drinking it on the Wednesday and DS arrived on Friday, on his due date!

me23 Sat 05-Aug-06 19:08:44

I drank rasberry leaf tea from 35 weeks, on the night I went into labour (38 weeks) I had a pizza with chillies on top and before that had walked loads, good luck.

Olihan Sat 05-Aug-06 19:15:09

I did EVERYTHING: nipple stimulation, pineapple, curry, walks, sex, raspberry leaf tea and still went to 42 weeks and an induction. They only come when they're ready .

Mind you, all of these things give you something to do while you wait.

The only thing that made a bit of difference was the nipple stimulation with a breast pump as I was 4cm dilated when I went in for the induction.

P.S. I've read somewhere that castor oil is not recommended anymore as it gives you a raging stomach upset. Maybe check with a mw first?

Mrsaek Sat 05-Aug-06 19:50:51

It doesn't have to be "Sex" , just a good strong orgasm (toooo much info I'm sure). This worked both times for me, and both times I had quick efficient labours (4.5 first, 1.5 second). The second time I started taking rasberry leaf tablets (holland and barrett) 2 days before I went into labour, so possible they helped as well.....whatever happens, the baby will come when its ready.....GOOD LUCK

Mrsaek Sat 05-Aug-06 19:52:27

(I was 6cm dilated with first labour when I got too hospital, and 9cm with second........and I'd only had 5 contractions

Olihan Sat 05-Aug-06 19:55:41

If you don't mind telling us, how did you achieve the huge orgasm without sex then? Is there something out there that could be the saving of copious mn sanities?

Personally, I would pay any money for something that meant i didn't go overdue again.

dreamydowler Sat 05-Aug-06 20:10:17

Ive just been reading up on reflexology points used to naturally induce labour and apparently massaging the inside of your heel and applying pressure with your thumb relates to your uterus and helps it to contract and the underside of your big toes relate to your pituitary gland which is responsible for the release of hormones which kick start labour and if continued throughout labour can shorten labour by making sure contractions are regular

jamsambam Sat 05-Aug-06 20:11:51

countdoown worked for me, when it started i was a bit achey, by the end id had a baby!!!

singyswife Sat 05-Aug-06 20:17:01

Ask your mw for a membrane sweep. Bloody painful at the time but seems to kick start things.

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