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bleeding after third degree tear

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EeyoreIsh Wed 12-Feb-14 03:09:57

I gave birth two weeks ago, with forceps and ventouse I have a third degree tear. I've been trying to keep my stools soft, but have just been to the loo and there was quite a lot of blood in with the poo.

Any thoughts on if this is normal, or something I should follow up? According to my 10 day midwife appointment the stitches were healing well, but I guess there are internal ones they couldn't see.

Slh122 Wed 12-Feb-14 03:15:09

Could you have a pile? Am 3 weeks post partum and there's blood everytime I have a bowel movement. I had a 2nd degree tear and panicked at first thinking I'd split my stitches but the midwife told me it was likely to be a pile caused by the pressure of childbirth.

EeyoreIsh Wed 12-Feb-14 09:43:25

I haven't had a pile in pregnancy, and I've been taking movicol everyday, so I didn't think it would be piles.

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