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Please help/advise! Bleeding again. So fed up.

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dessirie Tue 11-Feb-14 09:06:39

I gave birth almost 5 weeks ago. It was a forceps delivery, and I had an episiotomy and stitches. The pain was almost unbearable and I was put on codeine tabs for a week. I also became very constipated, partly from the codeine and partly from fear of going to the toilet with stitches. On more than one occasion it actually got stuck on the way out for nearly half an hour and I had to strain unbelievably to release it (sorry tmi?!) so I think I developed piles, as each time I go now I bleed from there. So I have intense pain in that area. But my main concerns are that I still have pain where the stitches were done, which everyone says shouldn't be so after nearly 5 weeks. It's so sore to sit down, and even walk. I have had a couple of looks, by bending over in front of a mirror and having to gently pull my buttocks apart to see. The skin looks puckered near my bottom, like either the stich was done wrong and a piece of skin is caught, or there is a pile where the stitch is done (the stitching is right near my bum hole). Also, whilst I was looking I gently pulled apart my labia, because when I dry myself there is a funny squelching noise like air is being taken in. It looked awful! Very open looking, and raw. I know things obviously change down there after birth, but it shocked me. And since I did have terrible pain further along now at the opening of my vagina. I had stopped bleeding a couple of days ago and was really pleased. Now I am bleeding again. So fed up and low. I also tried starting pelvic floor exercises a couple of days ago and since then I'm also getting internal pain. I am sick with worry. Phoned the community midwives, but they can't see me anymore as its been more than 28 days since giving birth. My Dr whom I know and trust is away, can only see a locum. Have never found them to be good in the past. And the nurse t my GP is fully booked this week. Did explain things to the receptionist. I am wondering whether this bleeding and new pain I down to me disturbing something by looking at it, or doing pelvic floor exercises which have disturbed me internally. Does anyone have any idea? Do you have internal stitches when forceps are used? Please any advice, I'm already low and fed up and this is making everything worse. Can't stop crying.

curlew Tue 11-Feb-14 09:11:04

I honestly think you ought to get to the doctor as soon as you can- locum or not. That all sounds horrible, you poor thing.

jazzyjenbo Tue 11-Feb-14 13:47:37

If you are in pain or there is any unpleasant smell I would go to the GP.
However, speaking from experience.. I had a cut first time round, it took about 6 weeks to heal and was still very 'raw' for about 3 months.. The scar is still visible 3 years on and sumtimes feels tender.
2nd time i tore backwards and front and the pressure of pushing caused a pile. I thought thet had stiched me wrong aswell but sum strong cream cleared up the piles, and in turn relieved the pain in my back passage.
As for ur labia, there is a chance that tore aswell.. Like in my case.. For a few months after birth things will look wide and droopy!! Start your pelvic floor exercises and things will start to get back in shape.. But never like before i'm afraid.
If ur still concerned u should have your 6 week check soon, as doctor to check ur healing well and for some pile cream.

Rosa Tue 11-Feb-14 13:49:19

Agree get yourself seen - you need checking over .

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