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Tens machine

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MyFancyPants Sun 09-Feb-14 17:06:17

I'm tempted to hire a tens machine for labour, but I'm unsure whether its possible to attach it to yourself or whether you need some help?

Janek Sun 09-Feb-14 17:10:18

You need someone to help. Definitely. It needs to be in the right place to work, and the right place is your back!

SicknSpan Sun 09-Feb-14 19:14:40

I did mine with no probs. Just make sure you do it as soon as you know you're in labour (ie don't wait until you need pain relief, it's a prevention rather than cure thing)

The pads do go on your back but not too hard to do yourself page 11 here has a picture

Having said that it does depend on how flexible you're feeling- whilst I had no probs with ds1 or ds2, I'm 24 weeks with dc3 and I doubt very much whether I could do it now let alone full term! My muscles are totally buggered to be honest. Oh joy.

juniper44 Mon 10-Feb-14 01:23:11

I did mine too. My DP went back to bed it's fine, honest and I paced out kitchen. The TENS machine made a huge difference and I gave birth using it and gas.

It's probably easier to get someone else to do it, but there's no point doing it too early. By the time I needed it, I was pacing and wouldn't have stayed still for long enough to have someone else attach it.

BlueChampagne Mon 10-Feb-14 12:46:36

I did mine too but neither of my bumps were very big, and all out front.

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