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Contractions still happening!

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LSP1985 Fri 07-Feb-14 13:28:48

Don't know whether to post this in pregnancy or childbirth but will start here.

I'm 30+2 weeks. Have been having contractions since 27 weeks. Consultant said they are fine as my cervix is not dilating and after monitoring me over night sent me home 2 weeks ago and said to come back if they get any worse. These contractions have been anything between 15 minutes apart to 3 minutes apart. They are not Braxton hicks but they are by no means intense labour contractions (this is my second DC). I've been losing my mucus plug for about 4 weeks and had some very dark brown spotting a few days ago which I was told was normal.
My problem is that because the contractions are so persistent I'm finding it difficult to tell whether they are getting worse as it is so gradual. I have had 2 'labour like' contractions since Wednesday that were significantly horrific but then back to the usual cramps. I've been in and out of L&D so many times and I'm sick of them and they are sick of me. Plus finding childcare for my DS while I go in is so tricky.

I'm just not sure what significant changes mean. Should I wait till the contractions become regularly unbearable?

I wish someone could just check my cervix quickly and say 'no you are not dilating, stop being a wimp'.

Plus baby is all of a sudden much less active but I'm putting this down to size. I'm still getting kicks but as of yesterday has slowed down a lot.

Pregnancy first time was so much easier. When I had a problem I could just go and sort it out!

Feeling confused and quite tearful. 😞 help

bonzo77 Fri 07-Feb-14 13:35:55

If your baby's movements have reduced you go straight in. My last pregnancy had me in and out of hospital constantly. I kept a bag packed of stuff to entertain ds1 to take with. Once I was there I'd call around and get someone to collec t him if possible. He was only 2 at the time. It wasn't easy!

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