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SPD, 38 weeks, induction

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sunshinemeg Fri 07-Feb-14 09:58:14

Hi, I very rarely post on mnet as I often find all the great advice I need by reading other threads, but I am hoping for some kind advice.

I am currently 36+4, with bad SPD. Yesterday we had growth scan that put baby at 7lb2oz. We saw consultant as I have bmi of 41. We went hoping to get water birth, but consultant has offered that given my pain and good progress of baby, to induce at 38 weeks.

I am petrified of tearing, so the thought of waiting for natural labour scares me when I think how much more she could grow, but then the thought of induction scares me too. I don't know what to do.
1. Have induction and water birth until it's too bad then epidural
2. Have induction and straight to epidural
3. Wait for things to start naturally

Opinions very gratefully received!!

NickyEds Fri 07-Feb-14 10:52:08

I know absolutely nothing about SPD but I was induced with DS because my waters had broken and labour started but didn't progress after 24 hours- I was contracting every 7-8 mins but not getting any quicker. I only mention this as it meant that I was induced on a drip which meant that a water birth was out of the question as I had to be on moniters all of the time. I think if labour starts and progresses with the pessary then you could have a water birth but I think it depends on your particular hospital- might be worth asking if you have your heart set on a water birth.

Catsize Fri 07-Feb-14 12:29:29

Sounds a bit bonkers to offer you an unnecessary induction at 38wks, and you would not be able to have a water birth. I was bed-bound with SPD from 32wks. Was induced at 42wks due to other issues. I really wouldn't recommend it. Took three days in all. Also, why are you so keen on the epidural? Could be a disaster with SPD, as you wouldn't feel your natural pelvic limitations and could do more damage. Also, induction plus epidural increases your risk of c-section/forceps etc a lot. I didn't have an epidural, and think I only got the hang of how to push half way through pushing, and that was because i could feel what was going on. Various midwives tried to push an epidural on me though throughout the three days. I am no expert OP, but just thought I'd throw my experience into the mix!

Catsize Fri 07-Feb-14 12:31:08

And 7lb2 at 38wks is fine! They grow about half a pound a week. DS was 9lb 6 when born at 42 +2.

4athomeand1cooking Sat 08-Feb-14 04:46:03

I had an induction at 37 weeks for other reasons but was house confined from 27 weeks due to SpD.

This was my 5th baby so they were pretty sure they could break my waters for induction and that would start me off.

It didn't so I needed the drip. I had a low dose epidural that I was able to control. I was still able to move to the toilet beside me and had all sensations. The low dose stays in effect for 30 mins before you top it up and so if you find a complete numbing you can wear it off pretty quickly.

I recovered incredibly quickly. Had baby at 4am and was on way home at 10am.

I also had a water birth with number 4 with SPD. It was a lovely experience also but I did some damage and the recovery was hard. It happened as I got in the water and my waters broke with a huge contraction which sent me flying forwards. Baby was born 2 minutes later and so the speed of it did not help either.

For me the pain of SPD wears off a little making it easier for me to move but causing pain in the long run. In my case I was better having the induction and having a mw with me all of the time who helped me managed labour with SPD in mind.

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