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impatienttobemummy Wed 05-Feb-14 18:36:40

Can you give yourself a prolapse 7 weeks pp? Went to drs and she said my anterior vaginal wall was baggy but not a cystocele as such however I've got awful flu and since all the coughing I've lost bladder control when I had it back a few weeks ago :-( do u think this could be permanent or do I have more healing to do? I have urgency and loss of control and a heavy feeling with pelvic pain? Experiences ladies?

babynelly2010 Sat 08-Feb-14 00:40:14

I would go back to your gp and ask again. I have prolapse, 2 actually anterior and posterior... at my 6 weeks check gp called it weakness then my physio confirmed prolapse, turned out later there was another one. Weakness in wall is prolapse really. Do kegels and visit your gp, but to respond to your question yes you are not done and there is still healing going on however I would work with a doctor and physio to make sure you are not doing something to make it worth.

HamwidgeCake Sat 08-Feb-14 00:47:07

hiya, I think there's a good prolapse thread on here, I'll root out link tomorrow as I'm just off to bed.

it sounds like your problem could be caused from the birth.

back with thread link soon.

HamwidgeCake Sat 08-Feb-14 00:53:58

any old prolapse thread

found it smile

BlodynRose Sat 08-Feb-14 01:18:04

gussiegrips is a physio who specialises in prolapses and how to exercise your pelvic floors to reverse this to some extent. She is brilliant . This was on a thread but there is also a more recent one somewhere where most of the ladies didn't have surgery but had managed to manage their prolapses.

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gussiegrips Tue 23-Oct-12 12:18:28

Sorry to hear you felt like you were timewasting, Tadpoley - and well done for not giving up.

Makes me cross - link to a website and do your exercises for six months and nothing else? No wonder women don't comply, that's not great care!

First of all - don't panic. There's a train of thought that says that if a woman's had two vaginal delivery it is normal for her to have a grade 2 prolapse. Does't mean she has to put up with it, just that it's essentially a normal consequence of birth because it's soooooo common.

Second of all - do yerblardyexercises. That really is key. If you do them, you'll notice a difference within 6 weeks. If you don't notice an improvement (not neccessarily a cure) by then - see your GP again.

So, what webpage did they direct you to?

I keep it simple - it's compliance that does the trick.

1. hold for 10 secs. Really squeeze - you should feel a "drop" when you let go
2. 10 quick flicks
3. Imagine you've got a tiny wee lift in your vag. Bear with me! Lift the elevator to the first, second and third floors and then back down again.

Do those three exercises at least three times a day. Every day. Without fail. Until you die.


If it doens't help, then you can get assorted tools that will assist in doing the exercises, or give you feedback from doing the exercises. GP can prescribe some - like the pelvic toner that advertises on mn.

So, questions to ask are:

what sort of prolapse do you have?

What should you avoid doing?

What exercises should you be doing?

How much strength do you have in your pelvic floor? (ie, can you squeeze)

How long will you have to wait to see a women's health physio?

Will they prescribe you a pelvic toner?

Take a list of all your symptoms - any peeing/pooping/farting when you don't want to needs to be reported. Also, any loss of sexual function - so can you feel anything, and can you orgasm the way you want to? Any feelings of things "falling out" or bulges?

And, at the risk of sounding like your GP won't do her job - don't take no for an answer. Continence is not on the QoF scheme, so anecdotally, sometimes patients need to shout a bit louder than they'd like for a referral. THough, please don't shout at your GP!

mayhew Sat 08-Feb-14 01:24:35

I would second excellent advice above. Doing exercises is dull but can make a huge difference. I get women to get in the habit of doing them while they feed the baby. That makes sure it's several times a day and becomes second nature. Recently I had a pregnant woman who improved so much in two months she cancelled the elcs offered for stress incontinence.

impatienttobemummy Sat 08-Feb-14 11:44:23

Thanks so much for the responses. I went back to GP before reading this and she confirmed its s prolapse and said it is worse from the coughing. But she said its too soon for physio as I haven't been consistently doing my Kegals as its only been 8 weeks and I had infected episiotomy unhealed for 6 of those weeks so realistically been doing them for 3 weeks.
I've also got thrush so she says a bit of what I'm feeling is that plus horrific piles! I'm going back to see her at the end of feb ill do the exercises you kind people have suggested and join the prolapse thread. At my next review ill insist (not shout promise!) on a referral to physio to get this show on the road. Still coughing which is freaking me out as I'm expecting it to just pop

BlodynRose Sat 08-Feb-14 12:58:59

There are a couple of prolapse threads. Try the most recent one on managing to turn it around with keegles.

Tadpoley Thu 20-Feb-14 13:14:08

hello. Sorry to hear it was a positive diagnosis, but yes, definitely lots you can do. I had the same diagnosis and was basically told to do exercises off a website and then come back in 6 months if nothing changed. In fact I'm the one that the gussie grips comments were directed towards! Mine only developed about 18 months after my boy was born - a general weakness that was exacerbated by too much heavy carrying.

I actually paid to see a private physio twice. It was about �80 a go, but just gave me the confidence I was doing everything right. Didn't want to wait 6 months as I was in a fair bit of pain and weeing all the time. I have also seriously reduced the amount of heavy lifting I do - not possible to stop with a toddler, but stopped toddlerwearing, don't move heavy furniture, suitcases etc. and that helped too. 3 months of that plus regular kegels left my pretty much symptom free, so a great result. Just not allowed to slack, as it gradually comes back if I do, or if I get a bad cough etc. 8 months pregnant with #2 now so a bit apprehensive as to what state I'll be after this birth, but still doing surprisingly well given the weight on my pelvic floor. Things have moved slightly lower, but still not visible and no bad symptoms.

The Hab-It DVD is very good too.

Good luck.

HannahG315 Fri 21-Feb-14 07:29:18

Oh poor you!!

People never warn about this part of pregnancy do they!

I rethink I just read your 7 weeks?... Then I assuming bump hasn't arrived yet... So get some spanks pants! The great big granny pants that lift everything up!!! Also wear a maternity pad- they a super enormously thick and the least sexy thing ever, but I PROMISE you'll tell the difference within a couple of days.

Once bump develops you can get support pants with 'bump allowance' from mothercare (2 pack £16) but I would consider investing in a Vulvar support belt- the problem is their about £40. I've only developed these similar issues recently 36-37 weeks, so opted for the pants, but I wish I'd known a lot sooner so could have ordered the support belt!

I'm sure many have said already. But pelvic floor exercises and keeping your feet elevated is without a doubt a wonder! The bigger you get, the worst the symptoms will be so time to strengthen your bits.

Ad honestly, support pants and massive pads- LIFESAVERS

HannahG315 Fri 21-Feb-14 07:36:13

Silly me! 7 weeks pp!

The pants and pads will still though! They just give the support you need! smile

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