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EMCS with 1st DC, got a meeting with consultant to discuss birth options for DC2. What do I need to prepare/ask?

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theborrower Mon 03-Feb-14 21:51:10

I had an EMCS with my DD 3 and a half years ago because she was an undiagnosed breech. My pregnancy was all fine, labour seemed to be going ok, but they only realised she was breech when I arrived at hospital in labour and couldn't feel her head when doing an internal.

Anyway, I've got an appointment with a consultant in a fortnight to discuss my birth options, and I'm wondering what sort of things/questions I need to think about.

I think I'd like to VBAC, but I'm understandably anxious that it might end up as an EMCS again. I also don't like the thought of being strapped to a table and machine as you see some women on OBEM.

I already know that I won't be able to give birth in the midwife unit next to the hospital, but will be in the hospital itself, which is fine.

Some Qs I already have are -
How long will I be allowed to labour at home?
Will I be able to use a birthing pool?
Will I be continuously monitored and if so, does that mean my movements will be restricted?
How long will they let me labour before they decide to EMCS?

But I'm sure there must be loads more things to think about. Can you help?

aloysiusflyte Mon 03-Feb-14 22:01:18

I don't have any answers for you but I'm in the same position, consultant appointment next week after elcs 3 years ago.

I think I want to opt for a vbac but I'm concerned that this baby will be breech as well so I'll end up having a section again sad

You're a lot more organised than me, I hadn't really thought what to ask, I might take a list in with me! My midwife did mention that they do special vbac antenatal classes at my hospital so that might be something to ask too?

Will check back to see if anybody has any answers for you smile

theborrower Mon 03-Feb-14 22:16:31

VBAC antenatal classes? I've not heard of those, I'll ask about them, although the last ones felt like a bit of a waste of time smile

theborrower Tue 04-Feb-14 20:09:55

Bump - anyone?

BettyFriedansLoveChild Wed 05-Feb-14 10:05:09

Perhaps ask what your hospital's policy is on inductions for VBACs? Also how long will they let you go 'over' before pressuring you to accept an induction / another section. Will you have to have an canula fitted?

Just out o interest, how many weeks are you now? I'm in a similar position and am wondering at what point I will be able to speak to a consultant.

homeaway Wed 05-Feb-14 14:26:24

My dd was breech and was born by emergency c section at 36 weeks but not because she was breech , I was not in labour . My vbac after her was very straight forward and he arrived very quickly and he was not induced . I think i would have considered a c section if he had been breech. I was not told to go to hospital any earlier just to go when i felt ready. If you asked me would i do a vbac again, then i would have to say yes. Good luck op .

theborrower Wed 05-Feb-14 20:08:23

Betty I'm nearly 19 weeks, appt is in a few weeks. The midwife booked me in for it at my booking in appointment, probably because I got quite upset recounting last time and I said I wasn't sure what to do. But i found last time quite traumatic in that my baby also didnt feed well, had pnd etc, so the whole new baby experience was difficult. i'm under the impression - so far - that I can choose to have a CS if I want even though at this stage there's no medical need.

That's also a good point about induction, that will go on my list.

homeaway thanks, it's always nice to hear positive VBAC stories. If this baby is breech (and they are going to scan at the end to check, since they got it wrong last time) it will be a CS. At least, again, that's the impression I'm under. But I wouldn't want to have a vaginal breech.

Interestingly, I was breech (as was my mum, her mum, and my aunt on that side had a breech baby) and I was pushed out. Mum was booked for a CS but they did scans/X-rays and decided that I was in a 'good' breech position, and mum had 'good hips' so they went for it. Poor Dad was so worried when a bell rang and lots of medical staff ran in the room, sidelining him outside, but they were all there to observe. Mum said she was off her face on gas and air that she wasn't quite aware I'd even come out!

theborrower Fri 28-Feb-14 14:04:54

Hi, I thought I would update, as I had a really good appointment with the consultant today.

If everything goes ok (ie baby's growth scans are ok, baby is head down) and I go into labour naturally I'll aim for a vag birth (and they'll scan the baby on arrival at hospital to make sure it really is head down). Will have to labour in hospital so can be constantly monitored ie no waiting at home for ages. I'll be constantly monitored but with a telemetry thingie which means I am mobile. I'll also be able to use a pool if I like. There's an 80% chance a VBAC will be successful, apparently.

But if any problems (growth scans, position) or I go overdue by a week it will be a section. We discussed the options of induction and risks and I decided that i'd rather not mess about - if things happen naturally then fine, but I don't want induced. So will just have to see! Should also say that we discussed what would happen in the event of a CS, including skin to skin. This gas been written into my notes that I want this (if possible) as it's certainly not hospital policy that women can't have this in theatre.

I've also been referred to a prenatal psych as she thinks I have bit of PTSD & would be helpful to talk (I still get bit upset when recounting last time. I better after discussing all options though :-)

theborrower Fri 28-Feb-14 14:06:37

Oh, and I've been td I can change my mind, and request a CS if I want. So that option is still there.

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