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Questions to ask MW about planning home birth for DC2 ?

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BlueC2 Sun 02-Feb-14 16:34:02

I'm keen to have a home birth for DC2 after a pretty straightforward birth with DS1. The community midwife is popping over to chat it through on Friday and I wondered what key questions I should be asking? I would like to get a pool to use as this is one of my reasons for considering a home birth as our hospital only has one pool and is currently refurbishing the whole maternity unit in stages so I have no idea if it will be available when my time comes! Plus I'm sure my labour slowed down when I transferred into hospital last time as I was quite nervous about going in and worried I would be sent home so think it will be much more relaxed at home!

So...ladies who've been there before...what are the key things to ask/consider about a home birth? Thanks in advance!

PurplePoppySeed Thu 06-Feb-14 21:53:52

I had a homebirth with an independent midwife in September last year. For me I felt that it was a way to ensure/guarantee I could have the birth I wanted after speaking to the NHS homebirth team in my area.

sorry for the essay - but hopefully useful...

My questions were really focused on the logistics and stats/decision process that might lead to transfer me into hospital... (which I didn't really want if at all possible)

- How many midwives are on the homebirth team & how many are on shift/call at any one time?
- How many people are already under their care and due a similar time to me?
- How many midwives come to you, normally 1 comes and a 2nd comes for the final stages and birth
...leading on to - what if others are already in labour when I go into labour - do I have to go to hospital or would someone else come out to me?

other things to ask -
- What might cause them to decide I cannot continue my birth at home - i.e. Waters having broken more that 48hrs before, meconium in the waters, bleeding, high blood pressure, baby's heart rate etc etc...
... and how would I transfer - ambulance or DH taking me by car etc

- what pain management is available at home?
- Do they do the Vit K injection for the baby at home?
- Third stage - do they offer the option of medical mgmt / natural or insist on one over the other because of perceived risk factors?
- Aftercare - what if I need stitches, do they do this or would I need to transfer in to hospital
- How long do they stay at home with me to check all is well and do they come back to check on me later in the day/next day?
- When does the doctor do the initial baby checks, are they at home and who does it?
- clearing up afterwards... pretty sure they'll do most of it, but they won't clean up a birthing pool for you - so you'll need to make sure you get a liner and possibly consider locations so that you can use a pump to pump it straight out into an outside drain (DH will have to do this, so check he's willing!)

can't think of anything else obvious, but will add if I remember!

PurplePoppySeed Thu 06-Feb-14 21:55:10

ps I think there are homebirth threads on here somewhere, I'm sure I joined one at the time!

januarysnowdrop Fri 07-Feb-14 12:40:04

Are you absolutely 100% certain that my baby isn't breech?!!! I wish I'd asked my midwife this before having a home birth with dd3. Otherwise I reckon Poppyseed has covered pretty much everything. Hope it all goes well for you!

PurplePoppySeed Fri 07-Feb-14 20:00:04

Ouch snowdrop, not good! Hope it went ok in the end?

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