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Kingston or West Middlesex hospital?

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Kasia1981 Wed 15-Jan-14 22:18:20

I'm due to have my first baby in September and have to choose between Kingston or West Middlesex hospital. Any advice gratefully recieved!

Iwillorderthefood Thu 16-Jan-14 21:05:20

West Midd was great last time (2009) doing it again in June, probably too late to report back by then.

Gave birth at Kingston too, but that was in 2005, disliked it, discharged myself against midwife advice as just wanted out. It was overcrowded, I shared a midwife, and therefore she kept leaving for long periods of time, no one realised that baby was back to back, and nobody explained how to push, despite it being my first. In fact, as I had an epidural, DH was told to feel my tummy and tell me when to push. Ended up begging someone to help me, but think midwife thought it was transition. I ended up with ventouse birth. Had an internal exam about a year after the birth of second child, and the doctor asked if this birth had been traumatic as she could feel all the scarring inside. I had no stitches second time around, so that was from the first birth. Am going for West Midd again this time.

DontCallMeDaughter Thu 16-Jan-14 21:12:08

I don't think there's much between them. I know people who had positive and negative experiences at both.

I chose West Mid and had a lovely birth, one midwife all the way through who read my birth plan, took her own notes and double checked everything along the way with me. They also have reasonably priced private rooms (was £80 a night 2 yrs ago) so you can opt out of being on the ward.

Check the facilities for what you want i.e if you really want a water birth check the number of available units etc.

Maybe visit both and see which you're most comfortable with. The West Mid birthing rooms are really nice!!

I had great care there but was only in one night. Planning a home birth for the 2nd one but through West Mid as they have an amazing home birth team.

Oh and I think parking is considerably easier at West Mid which is a minor thing but can be really annoying if you have to go regularly for any reason!!

Iwillorderthefood Thu 16-Jan-14 21:17:28

Yes second the parking.

FumblesandFrolics Thu 16-Jan-14 21:22:38

I had DD at West mid, my sister had her DS at Kingston.

West mid - parking paid by card, at Kingston parking is a NIGHTMARE and is paid up front.

My understand is that Kingston is an old building and once the delivery rooms are full, that's it excess people have to be moved elsewhere, at west mid they apparently have flexible space they can use. No idea where I heard that, poss but my paramedic friend confirmed it.

It is worth bearing in mind local events between you and the hospital though. We were in Hampton at the time I was due in the second week of July. The flower show traffic would have meant getting to Kingston would have been very difficult, not to mention stressful.

nennypops Sat 18-Jan-14 10:56:48

If you don't mind walking, you probably stand a better chance of street parking near to Kingston than you do with the West Mid.

CherryEmma Tue 21-Jan-14 13:35:46

Hello, have you tried posting this on Kingston Local talk board too? Here's the link:

Good luck with everything

Local Editor

Mikkii Fri 24-Jan-14 04:54:56

I had all 3 of mine at West Mid. With DS we lived nearby, as we did when booked in with DD1. After a difficult pregnancy culminating in a 4 week stay, I was happy with my time at West mid and chose it again for DD2, which was another complicated pregnancy.

With regards to the flexible space at West Mid, I think this relates yo some single ante natal rooms that can be used for delivery too. While I was in with DD2 (6 admissions totalling about 6 weeks) one morning the midwife asked how I'd slept, I mentioned it had been a bit noisy and she mentioned they had been so busy one lady gave birth 2 rooms away from me. Given that it was birth, not early labour I told them she had done well and hardly disturbed me!

They also have a distinct midwife led unit.

globetrotter141 Wed 29-Jan-14 14:43:01

Had my ds at west mid, good experience. The mid wife led birth unit is fab, the mw stayed in the whole time. Had to be transferred to labour ward as ds head a bit stuck, but its just along the corridor so really easy. Ended up needing ventouse but the ob was lovely. Cant really comment on post natal care as only there a few hours.

CurlsRUs Wed 29-Jan-14 14:50:30

I had DD at Kingston in 2005, so a while ago now but having had another baby since (in another city) I can say that Kingston was definitely below par.

After a traumatic delivery I was left alone for an hour, still lying in all the mess of the birth... DH had gone out to make yet another top-up of the parking meter so I had to go out myself to find someone to clean me up and change the sheets. I had to ask for food and water, too, despite having been in the delivery room for 9 hours. And I had to wait a long time before I could move to a bed on the post-natal ward, too - it all felt so overcrowded.

Kaykaym Thu 27-Mar-14 22:34:50

Hmmm My doctor advised me to attend Kingston as its closest to my home and she's going there with no hesitation.... I have my doubts about Kingston hospital however due to an incomplete D&C I received there. Ended up being referred to a gyne consultant at st.thomas where I had another op which went without a hitch. Im expecting twins so want to go somewhere I know is capable... any suggestions greatly received

AuditAngel Thu 27-Mar-14 22:41:49

As mentioned above, despite two unstable placenta praevia pregnancies I was really happy at West Mid. One minor incident with a stupid consultant, but when I said I wanted to speak to someone else I was found another doctor to talk to, she couldn't help but did a great job in sorting out a second consultant to see me that day, couldn't give a time but reassured me that she would not leave without seeing me. The consultant came in about 9pm on her way hone and completely resolved my issues and same to see me and talk things through after my EMCS.

I would think carefully about your journey and what it might be like in the rush hour.

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