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Maternity pads

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lucylev Sat 04-Jan-14 07:25:14

Any recommendations on what pads are best?
Packing hospital bag this week

Many Thanks

NorthEasterlyGale Sat 04-Jan-14 07:27:47

Last time round I had the Boots standard ones and the Boots Ultra Slim ones. They were fine, so I've got the same for this time round. I preferred the Ultra Slim ones but like to have the standard ones for the first few days.

Mikkii Sat 04-Jan-14 07:27:59

I liked the Tesco ones. They ave some super slimline ones which are individually wrapped (or did when I had DC3) which are great for when you are out and about. I found the big ones weren't wrapped, so not as easy to take out.

I didn't like the Boots ones, but I can't remember the reason now (DC3 is now 3).

Mikkii Sat 04-Jan-14 07:28:51

I agree with North about the "chunky" ones for the early days.

lucylev Sat 04-Jan-14 07:56:00

Thanks, also any recommendations on what I can pop in the bath after birth to help heal/soothe? I remember being so sore after my daughter and was in so much pain when sitting down
What will help?

rachyconks Sat 04-Jan-14 07:58:41

Tea tree in the bath and arnica tablets (available in boots). Second the tesco pads. They are the best.

impatienttobemummy Sat 04-Jan-14 08:07:47

I'm 3 weeks pp and I swear by the tesco own brand too maternity pads for the beginning and tesco ultra thin maternity pads for a week or 2 after. They are as close to cotton as you can get and don't rub stitches with fancy films over the top etc..
The hospital had some large individually wrapped ones which I asked for some to take home just for first 48hrs I put those in the freezer to soothe in the beginning.

Another tip get loads. You need to change every 3 hrs minimum especially with stitches to keep things clean which means a pack a day!

impatienttobemummy Sat 04-Jan-14 08:09:18

As for bath I was told salt.. However this dissolved my stitches too early. I'm sticking with showers for this reason. I second arnica get the strong 200c ones

MigGril Sat 04-Jan-14 08:34:47

An absolute must is lavender oil for your bath, was fab when I had lots of stitches. plus a jug for pouring water when you go for a wee, makes it much lees painful off you go for a wee.

Rhianna1980 Sat 04-Jan-14 10:10:43

I used the mothercare ones. They come with wings. Recommended

Franchini Sat 04-Jan-14 13:33:04

I liked the boots thick ones the best. I found them really cushioning after episiotomy! (I poured some witch hazel on the pad as well). You will need some massive granny knickers as well. Normal knickers don't hold up the pads very well. Hope this helps x

stargirl1701 Sat 04-Jan-14 13:35:31

A condom filled with water and tied then frozen makes a fantastic ice pack after birth to reduce swelling.

I used the standard Tesco mat pads with Tena Lady pants.

FlossieTreadlight Sat 04-Jan-14 13:41:38

Boots thick ones here too and second the 'buy loads' comment. Avoid Always and things with a weave top - they are perfect for snagging stitches crosses legs and winces at memory

Recommend having a sports water bottle to gently dowse your fanjo in water after weeing - takes any stung away and keeps area clean

Good luck x

SoonToBeSix Sat 04-Jan-14 14:05:51

I like the mothercare ones but not the standard ones only the ones with aloe vera and wings. They are often on three for two.

stargirl1701 Sat 04-Jan-14 14:06:42

Oh, and Durex Aloe Vera lube is very soothing on your stitches.

ThereIsNoEleventeen Sat 04-Jan-14 14:25:25

Boots and sainsburys are good, keep an eye out for offers, as others have said buying loads is a good idea. Last time I stocked up when boots had a 3 for 2 offer on (you end up carrying the biggest bag out of the shop but it's worth it).

Personally I couldn't bare anything in the bathwater (I tried lavender and it brought tears to my eyes).

Gatogris Sun 05-Jan-14 01:15:16

Mothercare ones and also get the disposable knickers from them too. Then get cheap primark big granny knickers, just in case you (God forbid) end up with a c-section (I did).


nannynome Sun 05-Jan-14 20:09:52

I got annoyed with liners and pants and went for the ever so fashionable option of tena lady pants lol. Just hugely easier, no slips, no leakage, just very unflattering :D

lorenzo1984 Tue 07-Jan-14 03:37:04

I used tesco pads which were fine. Would recommend tea tree oil in bath, and rubbing a bit of witch hazel on pad. Really helped me after I had a tear.

MostlyCake Tue 07-Jan-14 03:49:00

Don't buy loads! I Googled the number of pads I'd need and worked out I'd need 6 per day for 3 or 4 weeks so ordered somewhere in the region of 30 packs (I struggled to fit them all in the house!). Had enough for myself and two mates who were due around the same time and still took about 15 packs back for a refund!

I used maybe 3 packs then went on to normal sanitary pads as the maternity ones were so thick it was like sitting on a loaf!

Unless you live in the back of beyond, alone and with no car you will be able to pick more up should you need them or get someone to do it for you.

getagoldtoof Thu 09-Jan-14 21:13:48

I bought about 4 packs and ended up giving 3 away - I just didn't need them, like cake, I used normal sanitary pads a few days in. You just won't know until the time comes so best to send either partner or visitors out to buy you supplies if needed.

Kelly1814 Sat 11-Jan-14 21:07:02

I was terrified into buying hundreds of really thick ones from mothercare by mumsnet, I only bled for 3 weeks n the end and hardly used any of them! And could have got by with normal night time period pads. I had an ELCS though.

Andcake Sat 11-Jan-14 21:09:35

I just usual sanitary towels but ones for heavy low. Also remember you can buy more having a newborn rarely makes you house bound and a potter to the shops gets you out and about.

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