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Ridiculously achy leg(s)

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louise182 Fri 03-Jan-14 03:42:05

I am days away from my due date, and just do not feel right.
The main thing bothering me is how achy my legs are, just one of them most of the time. It feels like the sort of ache i would have during my period, and funnily enough was my first noticeable sign i was pregnant.
Also feeling nauseas but not being sick, and feeling a hell of a lot of movement right low down deep in my pelvis.
Cant sleep past 3am either...
Are these signs baby could make an appearance soon?

pumpkinsweetie Fri 03-Jan-14 14:20:47

I feel the same, i'm due on Sunday and have had Bh on and off for a good few weeks, i'm on no5 dc but only had 2 spontaneous births so can't remember exact lead up clues.
Hoping these symptoms mean something as all 4 went overdue !
Diareah can sometimes be a major clue aswell, as had it with dd4 & my waters broke midnight, had her by 12:45 x

pumpkinsweetie Fri 03-Jan-14 14:21:30

in the afternoon

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