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Sweeps and induction

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Speakn0evil Tue 31-Dec-13 07:32:14

I'm 41 weeks, first baby, and just been in for a sweep.

I was told by the midwife that they don't offer further sweeps. I know they're not always successful, but would much rather have another sweep or 2 if it means avoiding induction. Is it usual not to be offered more than 1 sweep?

Also, was told prostaglandin pessary may not be used if I go in for induction (if dilated further), and that they would go straight to amniotomy and synctotocin drip. This doesn't appear to tie in with NICE guidelines though - is it common?

HoHoHopelessAtNamingBabies Tue 31-Dec-13 14:22:46

The pessary take approximately 12 hours to kick in I think, the drip is much faster so if they want to induce quickly (due to infection risk for example) they will just use the latter.

Good luck!

HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs Tue 31-Dec-13 14:26:24

I am in NE and I was offered 3 sweeps. None of which worked but happily I went into labour naturally about 12 hours before I had an appointment to be induced smile good luck OP - try to relax and don't focus too much on sweeps/induction etc (easier said than done I know! Went 13 days over!)

Teapig Fri 03-Jan-14 19:43:53

This doesn't really answer your question OP but just to say that I was induced by drip and I had a very positive labour.
It was the complete opposite of what I'd wanted, I was hoping for an active labour and waterbirth but spent the whole time on the bed and ended up with my legs in stirrups.
It was a four hour labour and I went home the same day.
I know everyone's labour is different but if it does come to induction with the drip it may still be a good labour, if there is such a thing wink

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