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Earlyish induction for first timer, bad idea?

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CAnn88 Sun 29-Dec-13 22:11:37

So I'm 39 weeks tomorrow and have spent the last few nights in hospital due to swelling and high blood pressure. Been sent home for now but am seeing my consultant tomorrow to discuss being induced in the coming week.

Am a bit apprehensive as this is my first baby, I have excess amniotic fluid, the baby is a bit oblique and my body is showing no signs of being ready for labour. I'm also meant to be having an epidural due mostly to massive anxiety, and have very bad SPD as well as swelling.

From what I have researched, all of these factors individually increase my chances of surgical intervention, and I'm terrified of an EMCS. Consultants attitude is that I should 'at least have the chance to try' for a vaginal birth, but I'm starting to wonder if this is right for me. I know an ELCS is no easy option, is major surgery etc, full of risks etc,but I've had such a hardcore pregnancy full of uncertainty and feel like having a clear plan would be beneficial. I also just have a feeling that this baby is coming out that way anyway!

Sorry if TL;DR, would really appreciate anyone with experience of first time induction could help me out, or if any of you wise mums can tell me if/why my feelings about CS are wrong!

bringoutthepringles Sun 29-Dec-13 23:55:34

Have you looked at natural methods of induction? e.g walking, raspberry tea, relaxation (provided your Consultant approves?) Also worth trying relaxation and breathing exercises. If you are tense, your body may delay birth until it feels

bringoutthepringles Mon 30-Dec-13 00:06:06

Sorry, feels safe. Hope all goes well. Focus on what it will feel like to meet and hold your baby when he/she comes into the world. Also discuss your concerns with your midwife or consultant and ask them to help you draw up a birth plan.

Zara1984 Tue 31-Dec-13 21:20:16

I was first time mum that had an induction at 40+1 due to high blood pressure and unexplained bleeding.

How you respond to the induction medicine really depends on the individual. I was 2/5 engaged which is why they decided to do it - any less and I probably would've been scheduled CS. I had 2 doses of prostin (and rather nasty prostin pains) over the course of 12 hours. 6 hours after the second dose, my waters broke, and pain went from 1-100 in a matter of seconds. I was in agony but luckily got an epidural within 20 mins, even though they had to do blood test on me (if you have high BP they need to have bloods some so the anaesthetist knows what combo of drugs to use). I went from 1-10cm in an hour, then they let DS' head descend for an hour, then 55 mins of (tough) pushing. There was meconium in my waters and DS was non-responsive and grey when he was born, required CPR and heavy suctioning. He was fine after that though. I had a second degree tear.

I would not be scared of another induction but I'd certainly enquire about an elective section instead. I personally feel that the induction drugs stimulating my cervix could have caused the meconium issues. However my recovery physically, in terms of my ability to get up and about, was much faster than I imagine it would've been with an ELCS. It would have been nice to have the calmer environment of a scheduled section though.

It's hard with your first child because you feel like you should have a vaginal birth, whereas once you've done it you know whether or not it's a big deal to you. The whole induction to birth process was 16 hours for me and I was thoroughly exhausted. For some women it can take longer and end in an EMCS anyway.

I think you should ask your consultant whether he thinks, based on how engaged you are and what your cervix is like, if you are a good candidate for induction.

I full understand how nervous and anxious you feel - you just want it all over and your baby safely in your arms!

Zara1984 Tue 31-Dec-13 21:24:20

And I can tell you now that having a vaginal birth doesn't guarantee you will feel more connecting or buzzing after the birth. I felt nothing towards DS when he was born, I was in shock and relieved it was over, and absolutely terrified. I probably would have felt more "in the moment" had I had a scheduled section.

Inductions can go really well and be a breeeze or really badly, ending in EMCS. I think you need to ask your consultant for specific advice on what they think the beer option is for you physically and for your baby's safety.


Zara1984 Tue 31-Dec-13 21:30:09

I think you need to address your anxiety etc with consultant specifically. I don't want to scare you, but the pain of labour, especially an induced labour, should not be underestimated. Some women get by on no drugs or a whiff of gas and air, but if you are already anxious then you may respond to the pain even worse IYSWIM? I was not too nervous about the induction but the pain of real contractions really knocked the wind out of me and I was very distressed.

Please try and ease your anxiety through breathing exercises and staying calm. The medical team will always of course try to do what is clinically optimal for you and your baby, but if you are feeling very frightened you must tell them so that they can help you with choices/options xxx

Very soon you will have your lovely baby in your arms! I hope you get the choices and options that make you feel calmer and give you a good birth xx

CAnn88 Wed 01-Jan-14 03:13:50

Thank you for all the advice zara , incredibly helpful! Anxiety has been a huge problem for me throughout pregnancy, I suffer from a severe anxiety disorder which has been dealt with very well by the Hcps, so in hoping consultant might understand my fears! As it stands, she offered to induce, said it wasn't strictly necessary, so I declined and didn't mention csections! I'm seeing her again tomorrow and am determined to be a bit less British about it all.

MissIshbel Wed 01-Jan-14 16:03:43

I had to have an early induction 37 weeks and gave myself up to the idea of forceps, tearing etc but managed to get through without all that so its not inevitable!! I think it helped that I was prepared so I made sure I was rested and well fed first - and went through lots of isotonic drinks and waterspray! I took just gas and air and tens as I didnt want to be fuzzy/unable to breastfeed straight after but agree with Zara. I was shell shocked and just wanted more pain relief and my tea and toast!!

mayhew Wed 01-Jan-14 17:07:06

a couple of thoughts
:inductions where there is high blood pressure near term are often successful. It seems the body knows the baby should be coming out so the mother can recover.
:even if an induction starts, it is still possible to go for em cs fairly early in the process, if it doesn't seem to be going smoothly.

Emergency cs does not necessarily mean drama, it means it wasn't scheduled and planned for a specific date and time. Most em cs are quite calm events, usually after a period of labour, where the decision is made to assist the birth this way.

Leonas Thu 02-Jan-14 22:42:32

I was induced 2 days early due to concerns over baby's heart rate. My body was in no way ready for labour, cervix showing no signs of action at all. Was given the pessary at 10.30 on Friday am, checked 24 hrs later and all that had happened was a softening of the cervix. Checked again at about 4pm and the doctor broke my waters to attach the foetal heart monitor. Ended up with ventouse delivery at 9.30 pm as everything slowed down and baby was starting to be distressed. I really wanted an all natural delivery but am very glad they intervened as it was best for baby. Don't beat yourself up about whatever decision you make, do what you feel is best for you and baby. All that matters is that baby arrives safely and you are both healthy

Beckamaw Thu 02-Jan-14 23:42:00

My first was a 'natural birth'. Possibly the most unnatural experience of my life.
Traumatic, failure to progress, failed ventouse, forceps, a millionty stitches. Perfect little girl though! smile

Second was an induction (polyhydramnious, SPD, onset of GD - huge baby allegedly).
Induction was fab - was walking out the pain, found to be 9cm and pushed for 2 hours on G&A. I felt invincible!! DD2 was wedged in my pelvis, so EMCS ensued - which was fab. No time to worry. Quick recovery!

DD3 was ELCS. It is an odd thing, because you think about it so much, and it felt like being in slow motion! Another fine experience really.

If I had to rate my births though, my middle one was the best. Isn't that a weird thing to say?
You will do fine, and your tiny person will make it perfect!

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