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Did you have an epidural? If so, would you again?

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firstimer30s Sun 29-Dec-13 16:41:12

Would very much like one as want the full whack on pain relief. Did anyone have and would recommend OR has any advice for things to watch out for?

minniemousey Sun 29-Dec-13 16:51:56

I had one with my first because I was put on a drip to bring on contractions (baby was starting to show signs of distress) and they warned me that the contractions would come on strong. my waters had gone but I hadn't had any contractions myself so I was told the pain would be more difficult to cope with as I hadn't had any build up etc. I was lucky and had a good delivery, could feel the contractions still but it was just pressure/squeezing not any pain. I know an epidural increases the risk of intervention with forceps etc but I was lucky enough not to have a problem.

I'm pregnant again and a bit in denial about the birth part! If I have a normal labour I will see how I cope with the pain building up before I decide, but I wouldn't be upset if I had another epidural at all.

ChickenPieMama Sun 29-Dec-13 17:04:49

I had one with my DD and would definitely have it again this time round (due in 10 days!) To be honest I was adamant I wasn't having the epidural as the thought petrified me, but I didn't feel a thing when they did it and really appreciated it when it kicked in!

cravingcake Sun 29-Dec-13 17:09:17

I had one and at the time it was bliss. I later found out it wasnt sited very well and i now have long term back pain, we dont know if its related or coincidence as i've always had a weak point in my back. Plus i'm hypermobile meaning epidural is less effective.

One thing to watch out for is if it runs out and not topped up or is turned down for pushing stage then you go from fairly comfortable to agonising pain very quickly as your body hasnt had to release its own painkillers (endorphins i think it is).

I ended up with a forceps delivery and some other complications & bad tear but we dont know (and never will) if that was epidural related or coincidence.

If i had to give birth naturally again i would still have one again.

AngryBirdRoast Sun 29-Dec-13 17:20:14

Yes, with my first and third. Second was a homebirth and it hurt a lot.

Watch out for being fobbed off - sadly a lot of MWs will discourage you to the point of trying to get you to do it without, for various reasons (not sure what - cost? risk of intervention etc?) so if you definitely want one then write it in big letters on the front of your notes and ask as soon as you enter the building if not before.

I did react to my first and was quite sick after, but with the last one, it was very mild in comparison and I could walk much sooner, still feel my legs etc.

I would recommend it - I'm sort of glad I've experienced the no-drugs version but actually it was pretty awful. Well all three were no fun! But I was so grateful for the epidural the third time. I only got it about half an hour before he was born, but still.

DramaAlpaca Sun 29-Dec-13 17:29:19

I didn't intend to have an epidural with my first but I eventually asked for one because labour went on forever & I got very tired. It led to a forceps delivery because when the time came I couldn't feel to push. But I was very glad of the pain relief at the time & don't regret having it.

With DC2 I found gas & air with a TENS machine was enough pain relief & DC3 was a home birth with just gas & air. It helped that those two labours were much quicker.

TarkaTheOtter Sun 29-Dec-13 17:34:24

I had one and will probably have another when induced tomorrow.

In my case I was labouring on my back anyway so no additional loss if mobility. The epidural was light enough that I could still feel to push (pressure not pain) and was able to move as soon as I wanted to after labour. I had a button to push if I wanted to "top up" but didn't use it

I enjoyed experiencing my labour and delivery with a clear head as I wasn't out of my mind with pain (or pethedine/entenox). Would highly recommend.

TarkaTheOtter Sun 29-Dec-13 17:35:58

Ps only pushed for 8mins and no need for intervention (forceps/ventouse).

bruffin Sun 29-Dec-13 17:41:43

I had one with my first ended up in theatre incase forceps failed. 2nd birth was no pain relief at all. I throw up on gas and air . I much preferred the painful birth, was far more in control and could go with my instinct to walk.. I wont be having any more but i would not recommend an epidural at all.

EATmum Sun 29-Dec-13 17:43:16

Had detailed, considered birth plan with DD1 that went out of the window with induction and long labour. But making the decision to have the epidural was like the sun coming out - I could see the contractions on the monitor but not feel them - and even 12 years later I remember the relief! Second time around the - verbal - birth plan was "have an epidural".... which didn't happen as the birth was much quicker, but I'd have done so like a shot!

Nectarines Sun 29-Dec-13 17:45:54

I had synticinon drip after ARM and went as long as I could with just gas and air then had epidural after about six hours of contractions. I'm pleased I did as I ended up having emcs and had the epidural not been in, the cs would have happened under GA.

cantthinkofagoodone Sun 29-Dec-13 17:47:33

No time. If I had another I would like one please. Or just some pain relief.

MrsMaryCooper Sun 29-Dec-13 17:49:03

Yes. And yes.

AllOverIt Sun 29-Dec-13 17:49:06

Yes and yes

ArgyMargy Sun 29-Dec-13 17:53:59

Yes, both times. Thought I could be drug free but we live & learn! Don't leave it too long or someone may claim that "there isn't enough time" or there may not be an anaesthetist handy. It did remove any desire to push but hey ho. The second time it lowered my blood pressure too much and I fainted, so from that point that I could only have half dose so it wasn't a total pain blocker. But no after effects at all for me.

tracypenisbeaker Sun 29-Dec-13 17:55:44

I would, yes. I didn't cope with the pain well. I wasnt wailing or anything, i breathed the pain away with gas and air, but i was extremely uncomfortable with the contractions and i was mentally exhausted as my induction had taken what felt like a lifetime. It didnt work right away, but after top ups and a resite, it was a welcome relief and i managed to drift in and out of sleep until the pushing stage came. I did very well with pushing, i was worried i wouldnt be able to feel it but i did and gave it my all. Unfortunately i did need short forceps because he was distressed, but that was nothing to do with the epidural.

msmiggins Sun 29-Dec-13 18:01:51

That's a hard question for someone who didn't have an epidural- would it have been good for me? I have no idea. I wanted to to feel in control during labout and gave both times upright/on all fours, with very short but painful labours. Recovery was very easy,I was out of hospital within 3 hours, no tears no stitches, and at Tescos the next day.
I have no idea if things would have been different with an epidural, but I am glad with the way things happened.

TurnOffTheTv Sun 29-Dec-13 18:07:41

I've had three with no problems, and would choose to have one again.

VoodooChimp Sun 29-Dec-13 18:09:48

Yes, and yes I'd have one again if I needed too.

TippiShagpile Sun 29-Dec-13 18:11:48

Yes - one with ds1 (em section) and ds2 vbac. Would def do it again.

KingRollo Sun 29-Dec-13 18:13:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PestoFestivissimos Sun 29-Dec-13 18:15:14

Yes I had one with DD1 but ended up having an emergency c-section. For DD2 I was advised to have an elective c-section and was given a spinal block.

Was happy with both anaesthesia and was very grateful at the time too!

Felix90 Sun 29-Dec-13 18:16:36

I gave birth to my dd last Sunday and ended up having an epidural. I was induced with the drip so contractions got very painful very quickly! First midwife I had seemed quite against epidurals and I wasn't keen on having one in the first place, but the second midwife I had who delivered my baby was really open about pain relief options and talked me round to having an epidural and I'm so glad she did. It was the best decision I made! It wasn't nice going in but after 20 mins or so, the pain was completely gone and I was so relaxed.

I was only 2cm dilated about an hour before the epi went in, and the midwife examined me 3.5hrs later expecting me to be about 3-4cm dilated and it turned out she could see babies head!! 4 pushes later she arrived and it was so lovely and calm. You can still feel the contractions so know when to push but you can't feel the pain. I'd 100% have one again!

ohcluttergotme Sun 29-Dec-13 18:17:15

Had one with dd, slowed the whole process down and needed forceps and she went into distress but no pain!
No time with ds as he was born 20 minutes after arriving at hospital, only gas and air, very quick but very painful!
Due my third and think I'll just go for gas and air confused

Flisspaps Sun 29-Dec-13 18:17:57

Yes I had one with DD.

Wouldn't have another.

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