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39 weeks and longing for action

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blanders Sat 28-Feb-04 15:19:23

I am 39 weeks and feeling very large (think we are looking at an easy 9lbs here!) and also a bit down - very paranoid that something will go wrong at the last minute - how did you all feel? I hate this having to count the kicks business - and no sign of any action despite my best efforts of raspberry tea, pre natal yoga, on all fours etc etc. I guess this just the waiting game?

suzywong Sat 28-Feb-04 15:21:06

That pretty much summed up how I felt both times (9lbers too)

Do you fancy cleaning out your kitchen cupboards just to take your mind off things?

blanders Sat 28-Feb-04 15:35:16

Yup, I've cleaned out the kitchen cupboards and do my best to keep my mind off things; but still feel vaguely anxious all the time. Did you also get pain in the abdomen (upper right) sort of like your muscle was overstreched and in an area about the size of your wrist - very tender to the touch but otherwise seemingly nothing. Could just be the baby pressing happily?

Tillysmummy Sat 28-Feb-04 18:02:11

blanders Im 37 weeks and fed up too. Can't wait to drop this one. My first was 7lb 12 don't know what this will be should imagine around the same. Have to say nothing worked for me last time when dd was overdue tried everything raspberry leaf tea, pineapples, sex and reflexology am going to try the reflexology again with this one but don't hold out too much hope ! Think they come when they want to.

fisil Sat 28-Feb-04 18:28:52

Do a 1000 piece jigsaw (assuming this is your first!). Promise yourself that you MUST finish it or you will be very cross. Surely this will make baby pop out just to spite you!

(PS I tried this - I didn't even start the jigsaw until the day after my due date, and it was all completed days before ds arrived - but it gave me something to do during sleepless nights)

Skara Sat 28-Feb-04 19:27:24

Blanders, I had that same tender feeling which was 9lb+ ds shoving his foot in my side - good sign that your baby is in a nice position for birth, hopefully lying LOA. His was incidentally a lovely straightforward birth, hope yours is the same. In a few months I'll be in your position I think it's normal to feel apprehensive and paranoid - I feel it about no3, no reason to but can't quite let myself think everything will be ok. The best tips I heard were to book lots of easily cancelled stuff for the last couple of weeks - hairdresser, manicure, cinema, coffee with friends, that sort of thing so you're not sitting about going ho hum and also are doing all the stuff you won't have time for afterwards! Good luck

Ailsa Sun 29-Feb-04 12:26:11

I felt huge with dd2 and had trouble walking at the end, I also had that same tender feeling. I was expecting to have another 9lber, when dd2 arrived she was only 7½lbs.

twiglett Sun 29-Feb-04 12:29:07

message withdrawn

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