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Giving birth naturally with triplets?

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ScarlettJasmine123 Sun 13-Oct-13 17:31:16

I'm pregnant with triplet girls and my husband and I are so excited! But I've always wanted to give birth naturally, can I do that with triplets? Has anyone done that? I don't really want to have a c-section, but I will if it is necessary, thanks x

honey86 Sun 13-Oct-13 18:04:17

i think you will find it extremely hard to find a consultant that will be happy about it, sorry to say. cos of the risks involved. even if you did go against docs advice, it would likely end up in emergency section anyway... but saying that, ive heard the odd story of natural triplet births..

think it depends on your pregnancy specificly, how theyre lying, the cords, the type of sac, any complications etc.
no harm in discussing it with your doc x

peanutMD Sun 13-Oct-13 18:12:31

Wow, Congratulations! smile

You could try speaking with your consultant to discuss which options are available to you but be aware i imagine that the intervention free natural birth you probably have in your head could be impossible as they have 3 babies to monitor which can price difficult if mum is waddling around and you're not guaranteed they'll all want to come out at the same time so you may need a section fir already one anyway, whether or not you'd want to have one then end up in the operating theatre is up to you.

My mum had twins, went into labour with one but the other wasn't fir budging so they broke twin 2.s waters and starting prepping fir surgery but thankfully she came out of her own accord.

SweetieTime Sun 13-Oct-13 19:32:28

Have a word with TAMBA (twins and multiple births association) I am sure they will be able to give you advice if it is possible.

schmee Wed 16-Oct-13 19:07:36

Congratulations on your triplets. Having the bonus of extra babies means that you need to bid farewell to some of your previous expectations of childbirth and childrearing. You get something different and wonderful instead. Having a natural birth may be one of these things. I don't know any triplets born through natural birth in the UK and I'm not sure if there are any consultants experienced in delivering high order multiples naturally. There is a huge trend towards natural childbirth across the NHS, so you may find someone who is willing to do this, but make sure they explain the risks accurately and demonstrate that they have the appropriate experience.

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