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Do I call the midwife or go to walk in centre?

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Shellywelly1973 Sat 26-Oct-13 17:59:08


shellandkai Thu 24-Oct-13 18:55:08

Thankyou both smile

GinGinGin Wed 23-Oct-13 21:07:40

Congratulations gringringringrinwinewine

AndIFeedEmGunpowder Wed 23-Oct-13 21:07:38

Congratulations smile

shellandkai Wed 23-Oct-13 21:05:23

Hi yes you were right it was a build up started getting contractions at 3am then had my little girl 24 hours later (long time but worth every second) she is now a week and 1 day old and an absolute angel so thankyou to everyone that replied smile

elcranko Mon 14-Oct-13 20:16:51

Sorry to hear that you're still waiting. By the sound of things you won't be waiting much longer though! I bet that all this build up will mean that you have a speedy labour once things properly kick off. Good luck smile

shellandkai Mon 14-Oct-13 19:55:26

Hey not had baby yet, Been having contractions every 10 minutes since 3am this morning, had my bloody show all throughout the day too was hoping I would have her today but is looking unlikely now confused

elcranko Mon 14-Oct-13 13:46:08

How are you doing today OP? Hoping that you have had your baby by now.

Tea1Sugar Sun 13-Oct-13 22:45:55

Dd was back to back delivery, the pain was as you describe. Ring! Good luck!

MortifiedAdams Sun 13-Oct-13 10:04:34

Maternity ward.

AnythingNotEverything Sun 13-Oct-13 10:04:10

I'd call the maternity unit my labour with DS1 was like this. The pain was a UTI and I was admitted to the antenatal ward until I went to delivery suite.

I think they'd want to check out whatever was causing you this much pain.

HalfMumHalfBiscuit Sun 13-Oct-13 09:57:54

I second gin

GinGinGin Sun 13-Oct-13 09:56:57

Call the maternity ward - sounds like labour. Good luck!

shellandkai Sun 13-Oct-13 09:56:02

Good morning basically I'm 40+3 weeks pregnant with dc2 since yesterday I've been in agony with my lower back to the point I can't walk as its to painful, sit down is painful sleeping is painful I can't remember ever being like this with ds, I just feel like I can't cope with this pain anymore.

2 nights i've woken up loads of times in pain I get contraction like pains like that seem to just come and go as they please too. I just haven't got a clue if to call the number on the back of my book or go to the walk/in doctors just round the corner 1st?

What do you ladies think?

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